This summer has been a whirlwind of creativity! Check out some of our favorite projects from Summer Art Camp!

Sea Globes: Combine art and science to give snow globes a summery twist! Glitter, oil and water suspend these beautiful underwater creations in an air-tight globe: a memory to last forever, or a gift for someone special!

Candyland/ “BonBonVille”: campers use real candy to recreate the classic board game! Artists learn how to pinch model magic to make their elements stand up straight, and choose from geometric shapes and other elements to make it their own!

Charcoal Landscapes: Learn about value and shading to create the illusion of a 3D landscape using only black and white! Then add a touch of pastel color to add warmth. Campers utilized background, foreground and blending to learn how to create this realistic work.

Chinese Ink & Watercolor Trees: use real Chinese ink and bamboo brushes to create a beautiful masterpiece. Add pops of color with paint to create foliage, and blue watercolors create a gradation from the horizon to the edges of your masterpiece.

Tiffany’s Stained Glass Vases: Take inspiration from beautiful Tiffany’s stained glass lamps to create a transparent vase. Use black tape to create geometric sections, and color them in with translucent glass paints. Place on a windowsill to catch beautiful sunlight and make your creation dazzle!

Sign up for the Fall Semester to create more beautiful creations like these in art class! We have programming for ages 18 months and up! Expand your horizons, foster creativity, make new friends and build confidence. Classes start September 12th!

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