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This summer has been a whirlwind of creativity! Check out some of our favorite projects from Summer Art Camp! Sea Globes: Combine art and science to give snow globes a summery twist! Glitter, oil and water suspend these beautiful underwater creations in an air-tight globe: a memory to last forever, or a gift for someone …

Art Adventures 2021 Summer Camps-What Did We Do? Click to See!

Things that make us happy 🌈 …Fun DIY family art activities:

How to Make a Piñata Stay creative this summer! Try this fun DIY activity with friends, family, whoever!

Professional tools, materials, techniques and new skills awaits… UPCOMING THEMES: Architecture! (learning the in’s and out’s of 1-point and 2-point perspective plus more!)  Portraits! (building a face in simple steps)  

Hot Day? Stay cool 😎 with this DIY snow dough recipe + a fun STEM snow making

Thanks Itty Bitty Family Blog for the tips! FOR MORE hours of fun STEM activities this summer, TRY this SNOW-MAKING KIT EXTRA EXTRA! Join us in our final weeks of SUMMER ART CAMPS! ONE WEEK LEFT for DanceART CAMP!! (Ages: late 3-9)

At a Glance….DanceART Camp!

The FAQs on SUMMER CAMP 2020 online

WHAT IS DanceART Camp? WHAT IS Pre-Masters & Masters Drawing Camp? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?