2 Hour/ 1 Week (M-F) ARTStory Adventures Camp (Virtual)


ARTStory Adventures (Virtual)

DIY (pre-recorded lessons only) or add Zoom Classes (4) or companion Camp (5 classes)

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Order your 1st introductory week + Art Kit now or sign up for live classes, to be ready for the new and stimulating 2021-2022 school year!

DIY or with Zoom classes + Up to 2 additional hours of easy-to-play, pre-recorded, daily or weekly short stories and lessons in Drawing and Crafting, along with (optional) story-based Movement, Stretching and Dance!

*Unique ART KITS are delivered to your home, prior to 1st class and contain specialty Art Studio Supplies for your child’s long-term use.

Virtual ARTStory Adventures Camps Include: 

  • Customized Art Kits
  • Art Techniques and Vocabulary in Drawing, Painting, Building 3D and Mixed Media
  • Storytelling and Imaginary Travel (World Cultures)
  • Languages (Spanish and French)
  • Social Development
  • Dance and Movement (Optional)

Your child will journey along with animals, Peoples and cultures from around the world through faraway places with tales of friendship, courage and fun!


  • A new book/new adventure every four weeks (Do 1 week, 4 weeks, or many months).
  • First, your adventurer receives the unique art kit in the mail

(with all the creative stuff, the wonderful, colorful bits & pieces that little hands love to touch, manipulate, and use to turn their imaginations into reality and complete their journey.)

  • Optional: Live Online Art Classes using the Art Kits, mailed in advance:

1 Hour Daily (Camp) or Weekly (Class) Zoom Art Classes with Claire, drawing, making 3D sets & crafts.  Inspiring & Motivating! 

  • The box itself cleverly becomes their 3D sets, equipped with a reusable

Art Tool Kit packed with non-traditional supplies for your very own at-home art studio!  (The CCA Art Kit alone is worth the investment!)

See “Event Details” on the left for more info!

Event Details

Next, your little artists receive several recorded short classes to watch anytime and learn how to draw, play and express themselves creatively. Each session is tied to an illustrated book, so they can read (or listen to) the book, draw the characters, create 3D set backgrounds, pieces and shows, and just let their imaginations run wild. Daily Virtual Art Adventures contain additional Drawing & Painting “How-to” Videos to sharpen skills, Abstract Line Game Warm-ups, Character Drawing & Painting.  (Google Classroom site is bursting with great content, including recordings of the live classes, images and ideas.)

  • Does your child love to move? We go beyond the visual arts and incorporate movement – based on the story, through many levels of dance and movement videos from Central Studio STL, using various styles of dance music & movement, your child will have a blast looking for the tallest mount to climb, rolling rivers to swim through and will feel the joy of movement, exercise and dancing the scenes in the book.
  • Finally, our live online art classes give your child the chance to create and share their work, engage with others, and make connections - safely from home.

This is FULL IMMERSION, engaging instruction with:

  • Claire - an experienced, award winning art teacher for 25 years & her teaching artists.
  • Mary Ellen - a professional dance instructor and owner of Central Studio

Please Contact Us for other times or to create a new class time for a small group.

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