Rendezvous: Art, Lunch, (French) and Conversation


In-Person /  1.5 Hour (Ages 4-5) / 1 Hour, 15 Min. (Ages 3-4) / Meets once a week

New:  1 free class with semester purchase!  (Monthly and 1-Off class options also available.)

  • 9-week Semester:  5/6-6/2 2022
  • 12-week Semester:  3/4-6/2 2022
  • 14-week Semester:  2/15-6/2 2022
  • 16-week Semester:  2/1-6/2 2022
  • Dates off: Friday, May 27

Interested in New Famous Artists, Art Techniques, French, EtiquetteMuseums and Exciting Projects to Inspire your child?

Locations: All Souls Church (80/Lex. with outdoor courtyards) / LIC / Private / Location Near You

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We know there are a lot of activities for your children and are excited to make Art Adventures, an early enrichment league, on the top of your list.  We invite your children to join us for engaging art, exploration, science & fun…designed for all ages and skills to excel in their creative thinking, problem-solving, verbal & motor skills, and to leave feeling excited, inspired and proud.

New to Art Adventures?  Now in our 20th year, CCA programs offer myriad art material exploration, artistic development, art & French language exploration (& Spanish), have a 2:1-3:1 teacher-student ratio and combines a passion for art-making with artists, museums, Modern, Multicultural and Contemporary art and current exhibits.

This fun “Picnic-style” lunch (French) & art class engages in playful directed conversation practicing art (& French) vocabulary and phrases, allowing children to learn etiquette, sharing and turn-taking with an emphasis on social development and responsibility. Lunch is either before or after art.  See Event Details for more information. 

  • Children bring a nut-free packed lunch.
  • Outdoor courtyards, weather permitting.
  • Individual art tools per child, and all safety procedures followed, including masks & frequent sterilization.
  • Children take a field trip to a NYC Museum or Gallery for inspiration each semester.
  • Class size may be limited for Safety.
  • Pick-up or drop-off available for All Souls School.
  • Contact Us for Class times (coming soon)

Form a class!  

We understand children may be adjusting to a new school, a new class and making new friends.  For safety purposes, we aim to keep classes within same-school and/or social groups, unless otherwise consented to.

  • Click Here  to contact us with preferred days/times. You will receive an invitation letter to share with your class or group to register.

Thank you for supporting this small business (for over 20 years) and for entrusting us with your children!

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1.5 Hour Rendezvous 16-week Semester Tuition (includes 1 Free Class), 1.5 Hour Rendezvous 14-week Semester Tuition (includes 1 Free Class), 1.5 Hour Rendezvous 12-week Semester Tuition (includes 1 Free Class), 1.5 Hour Rendezvous 9-week Tuition, 1.5 Hour Rendezvous/ Monthly 4-Class pack, 1.5 Hour Rendezvous Class, 1 Hour, 15 Min. Rendezvous 16-week Semester Tuition (includes 1 Free Class), 1 Hour, 15 Min. Rendezvous / Monthly 4-Class pack, 1 Hour, 15 Min. Rendezvous Class

Event Details

Children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of media and techniques including paint, clay, charcoal, pastels, wood, plaster, papier-mâché, wire, fabric, Stop-motion Animation, Animé, 3D dioramas, recyclables and more!  Myriad museums and galleries of NYC provide us with ample ideas from which to create, keeping our curriculum current with the art world of today.  The curriculum is tailored to include your child's interests!


All Art Adventures include simple French vocabulary and common phrases. Children gain exposure to the French language, accent and utilize basic French pertaining to art, while not even aware they are doing so!   Greetings, colors, numbers, shapes, tools and colloquial phrases are included.  We share Spanish and other languages as well!

  • Children take a field trip to a NYC Museum or Gallery for inspiration each semester.
  • French & Spanish practice
  • Storytelling
  • Experiments
  • Children bring a nut-free packed lunch.

Contact Us for additional days, times, locations or private groups.