Give Your Child a Creative Adventure,
From Home and Socially Distant

Make something meaningful, inspire their
creative side and give yourself

some time.

Start The Journey Now

Are you tired of seeing your children cooped up, watching yet another rerun of Pinkalicious & Peterrific?

Right now kids can’t even get to school, let alone play with their friends or experience something real. I want to give them a real creative adventure that they can hold in their hands and be proud of creating while inspiring them to do so much more.

Or you could keep working while they watch the screen and pull and your hem every five minutes asking for something new to do. This can only go on for so long…

That is why I created:

An ALL-NEW, Exciting Online Creative Arts program for ages 3.5-9’s!   

Not just an art class, this is an integrated program of all-inclusive art kits, stories, creativity, drawing, dance and sharing. This is full immersion, engaging instruction designed to keep your kids engaged, busy, and creating all-week-long with 3D crafting, drawing & painting, reading, virtual travel, and more…

Children become a master of their worlds (which is so critically important in these Pandemic heavy times when everything feels out of control) through exciting Live Weekly Engagement classes (with Pre-recorded extra engagement, to watch over and over or use any time you need!)

Turn the boredom of social distancing into an exciting adventure. Your child will begin their journey through the snowy unknown and shadowy ice valleys with tales of friendship and fun.

How It Works

First, your adventurer receives their unique art kit in the mail with all of the creative stuff that he or she will need to complete their weekly journeys. This kit is full of all the wonderful, colorful bits and pieces that little hands love to touch, manipulate, and use to turn their imagination into reality. The box itself cleverly becomes their 3D sets, equipped with a reusable “art toolkit” packed with non-traditional supplies for your very own at-home art studio! (The CCA art kit, itself, is worth the investment!)

Next, they get recorded classes that they can go through any time, which teach them how to draw, play, and express themselves creatively. Each month is tied to an illustrated book so they can read (or listent to) the book, draw the characters, create 3D set backgrounds, pieces and shows, and let their imaginations run wild.

Does your child love to move?  Need indoor exercise this winter?  We go beyond the visual arts and incorporate (story-based) movement! Through many levels of various dance and movement videos from Central Studios STL, they will have a blast looking for the tallest mount to climb, rivers to swim through, and feel the joy of movement as they live the scenes in the book.

And finally our live online art classes give your child the chance to create and share their work, engage with others, and have fun making real connections with others safely from home.  We continue to uphold the quality of classes (earning us “Best in Education” for 8 years in a row from NY Awards) online that we hold in-person.

What Your Child Gets

  • A new book/new adventure every four weeks! (Do 1 week, four weeks or many months).
  • Live Online art classes with exciting Art Kits, mailed in advance.
  • Weekly live engagement- to keep students inspired and motivated: 1 Hour Weekly Live & 45 Min. Zoom Art Classes with Claire, drawing, making 3D sets & crafts from Kits!
  • Daily Virtual Art Adventures content:  Additional Drawing & Painting “How-to” Videos to sharpen skills, challenge + engage independently with Abstract Line Game warm-ups, Character-Drawing & Painting (Google Classroom site bursting with great content, including recordings of the live classes.)  
  • Daily Exercise: Various styles of Dance, Music & Movement.
  • (Optional) Saturday AM Check-ins for Art Shares of their masterpieces (& dance routines) with family and friends at the end of each week. Live on Zoom! (20 min.)
  • Our 1st month’s ARTstory begins on February 1, 2021 (weekly online content delivered to your email) with 4 weeks of content & classes per book.

What You Get

  • A break!
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your child is having fun learning and being creative.
  • The joy of sharing their joy: new adventures, new creations and great fun.
  • The confidence that you are empowering your child even in the most difficult times.

So Give Your Child A Creative Adventure 

Your child gets all of this for under $100 a week.

Get all four weeks now for just $388 for all four weeks or give the first week a try for just $97, get the full kit access to the first week of materials and fun for just a few hours of babysitting money!

Start Here:

Your Guide On This Journey

Claire Munday is a professional artist and muralist as well as a dynamic art and music teacher.

She leads art tours and teacher training throughout the city and is a consultant for large scale children’s events.  Her background in theatrical set painting also allows for vast material use in class.

 Claire’s excellent reputation is based on her enthusiasm and passion for each child’s individual needs. She engages children of all ages to excel in confidence, build art skills, and develop socially in a fun, nurturing, and inclusive environment.

Her arts-based program has been shared with many schools throughout the Manhattan area, including the Sunshine Kids Club, the United Nations School, and the 92nd street Y. She has provided art consultation for the Children’s MuseumNYC-Parents in Action and the American Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for hundreds of children at Family Art Day. Teamed with creative professionals, she invites you to join her in this year’s Art, Museum, Music, and Party Adventures!

What Others Are Saying

So Give Your Child A Creative Adventure 

Your child gets all of this for under $100 a week.

Get all four weeks now for just $388 for all four weeks or give the first week a try for just $97, get the full kit access to the first week of materials and fun for just a few hours of babysitting money!