“I am so happy to have found Art Adventures for my twin daughters. They absolutely adore this class and so do I.  Claire and her team are magical! And clearly have a natural way with children.  They inspire, teach, and instill a love for art in their students.  This is no ordinary art class–They teach the children about real artists and inspire them to create their own art in the style of the artist they are learning about that day. When one of my then 4 year old daughters heard me talking about taking them to the Met to see the Picasso exhibit, she remarked, “Oh, Mommy, i know all about him—he was a Cubist!” and her sister joined in saying “Yes, he painted using shapes. Let’s go see the exhibit! We did that at Claire’s!” What more could any parent want in an art class???”

-Ashleigh and Bracie’s mom

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