CCA is LEADER OF THE PACK… and 1st of No Longer Empty’s educational tours!

“The Adventures of the Invisible Dog”

Watch Highlights of the very 1st educational tour @ No Longer Empty.  Created and moderated by Claire Munday of Claire’s Creative Adventures, Art Adventures are located at museums, galleries, events, parties, in the classroom (80th/Lex or near you) and Virtual with Art Kits.

One afternoon in 2009, deep in Brooklyn, children explored numerous facets of the Something Out of Nothing exhibition while learning more about the fundamentals of art and their own creativity. As a group they made their own video of “flying” lesson, they did an improvisation with their own invisible dog leashes, an “I spy” to introduce them to the exhibition pieces, a lesson in photography, a freight elevator ride (to the 2nd floor for hot chocolate) and finally a drawing lesson for creating an image out of shapes (the dog).

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