“Mosaic fun continued with tissue paper and felt adhesive paper” (from May!)

Everett and Anderson felt inspired by our class to continue mosaic-making even after class!

They used:
Adhesive felt
But you can use just colored papers, magazines, scissors and glue!



Be sure to make a simple drawing 1st….
Then cover your lines with larger pieces (or Large + small pieces =a pattern)…
Then Fill in your “Empty Shapes” with baby pieces!

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A special Thank you to all our parents out there!

With all of the current news, we know how overwhelming it must be for parents. Life has brought many challenging twists and turns.

SO from all of us, we want to say


We ❤️ you for ALL that you do.

Let’s continue to work together to bring heART 💜 💙 💛 ❤️ 💚 into your homes and extra creative sunshine ☀️  with Spring 🌸 Art Adventures Live Online

♥️ Claire’s Creative Adventures

Virtual Art 🎨 Shows in our Live Online Claires Creative Adventures!

Studio Art Adventures Ages 8-11s: silly face designs for our DIY face masks

Rendez Vous Class Age 3-4s: Collaborating together in our abstract line game to each create unique abstract drawings.

A great way to collaborate and continue learning how to take turns while sharing our ideas and art: Virtual Art shows. Stay connected with your loved ones by creating art and sharing.

Some at home art activities to download & print!

Happy Art-making! Stay healthy in body & mind. ❤️

apART 💜together: joining the virtual movement to stay creative AND connected

An official welcome to our first online zoom classes! Our Spring 2020 Art Adventures has taken us to the virtual world this week.

Here, we learn how to use a Zoom class! We played fun interactive games finding our mute button to make group Zoom classes easier to take turns.


We also collaborated together in our abstract line game, created a meditation guided landscape drawing using 4 lines and drew our version of the corona virus.

Abstract Line Game

Landscape Drawing







Our studio classes took it to the next level also learning how to create a transfer drawing.


What a fun + educational filled virtual day sharing art AND our new art spaces!

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Stay Healthy, Stay Creative!

Did you ever notice how the Corona Virus looks like a Crunch Berry?

Loads of praise to my co-teacher, Jen & visiting artists Ellen, Natalie and Laura who made these past fearful 3 weeks a HUGE success for kids!

Not only did we pack up our SPRING BREAK into daily ART KITS (& delivered) we had our 1ST ZOOM SPRING ART CLASSES!  WOW it is a new territory, but EVEN THE ADULTS HAD FUN!

Here’s some of our findings:

YES it’s true, this little guy looks like a CRUNCH BERRY.  Let’s treat it the same. Capt’n Cook knew it was Fun for kids (to draw… look at the colors!) and better to digest it than to breathe it

Learning how to draw Spheres, we noticed the “3 Top” protrusions that look like cauliflower.




We’ll assume it’s friends are also far, far away in another galaxy in outer space!



After “Finding our Mute” button to make group Zoom classes work, Students had fun with these Abstract line games, Landscapes in 4 easy lines + Learning from the Corona Virus.  #powertothechildren

Hey Grown-ups! Kids cooped up inside?

Help us keep Art Education thriving by designating a creative space @ home for your little Art Adventurer! Try out this fun activity to help get you started!

Stay Healthy & Creative! Check out more on our Flickr

Update from Claire’s Creative Adventures about the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak:

Update from Claire’s Creative Adventures about the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak:

CCA is continuing to monitor this situation moment by moment.  We will continue to give you updates as quickly as possible.

As our history together has shown, we care just as much about your children as you do.  We ask that if you, your child(ren), anyone in your family and/or household (including staff) is or was feeling sick or unwell, even if it’s unrelated to the coronavirus, to let us know immediately.

The more we are in communication and support each other, the better off we all will be; We are an intimate group of adults and children which must be hyper-aware of how to be together in a safe, healthy and responsible way.  We welcome parental feedback and information at all times.  Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone should you have any concerns or information.

Here is some information from the City of New York and CCA to help keep you, your children and our community safe:

  • Until further notice, the Art Adventures Programs & Spring Break Camp is remaining open, and our scheduled programs will remain unaffected through taking detailed and targeted precautionary measures; Bear in the mind that this can change at any minute as more information is provided to us by health officials, local government and/or our facility, All Souls Church.
  • We are working with mandates from the Governor’s Office of New York.
  • A new CCA policy addendum will require anyone attending future CCA classes and camps to answer a list of questions to ensure all students’ health and safety prior to attendance and periodically throughout programs.
  • Parents will decide on whether or not to have their healthy children attend the CCA Spring Break Camp.  You will need to let us know immediately if your child is NOT attending.
  • If you or anyone you know feels in any way ill, for any reason, we cannot have your child attend camp or class.
  • We will remain calm, handling questions from children in an age-appropriate manner.
  • We look forward to proceeding with your child’s Art Adventures fun & creativity, and most importantly, all of our safety.


·       If any of the following symptoms have presented themselves in the past 2 weeks (feeling feverish, new on-set of persistent cough, sneezing, runny nose, nasal or chest congestion, sore throat, shortness of breath) you and/or your child may be refused and/or will be sent home upon detection.  Medical confirmation of health via a signature from your doctor/ child’s doctor will be required before entering and/or returning.

·       If any of the above symptoms have presented themselves in the past 48 hours, your child will be refused.  Medical confirmation of health via a signature from your doctor/ child’s doctor will be required before entering and/or returning.

·       A mandatory questionnaire will be made available prior to attendance and periodically throughout the programs.

·       All adults, including caregivers, must be informed and held accountable for understanding the policies and information and follow the same preventative measures for themselves and their children.


CCA has always paid attention to detail.  We are taking proactive and preventative measures to keep everyone safe.

  • Sterilization of the premises, ourselves and the tools we use and come in contact with, along with full disinfection and maintenance of disinfection of all surfaces, doorknobs, handles, bathrooms & communal spaces.
  • There will be no cross handling of art tools: Each child will receive individual “art toolboxes” for use in camps, sterilized daily.
  • All tools, tabletops, surfaces, doorknobs, handles and chairs will be disinfected prior to each class.
  • In addition, CCA will be implementing a “No Touch Zone.”
  • From entry to departure, all guests will be asked to keep their hands to themselves.


  • Will be following a specific teacher safety protocol, including how to get to and leave from the premises.
  • Will not be allowed to work if any sign of illness.
  • Are required to list all locations of work outside of CCA and report any documented cases of coronavirus therein immediately and prior to work start.

Rest assured we are instituting contact protocols and every measure possible to keep our children healthy.

We want to make sure our stresses don’t get carried onto our children.  With these measures in place, the best thing we can do for children is that they continue to have fun in a relaxed and safe environment.

Spokesman from the Governor’s office of New York with regards to communities and schools:

  • Each community is unique.
  • With limited exposure, some communities will act perhaps differently than communities with wider and larger exposure.
  • We want to have schools remain open, when they cannot work online or telecommute.
  • Children are better off in schools, with the proper safety protocols, given the information provided thus far.
  • In cases where exposure of the coronavirus was found, temporarily closings to clean the schools and then re-opening.
  • You are more likely not to get sick than to get sick.
  • For younger healthy people- think about the same precautions as you would in flu season.
  • Businesses to authorize staggered schedules and not travel during heavy commuter hours if forced to take mass transit.

What else can you do as an attendee?

  • We’re sure you’ve heard all about washing your hands for at least 20 seconds; continue to practice healthy hygienic habits multiple times a day, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, both at work and at home (cellphone, door handles, light switches, remote controls, desks, etc.)
  • If you have family or friends who are elderly, have compromised immune systems or chronic respiratory or coronary issues, do not visit them if you feel sick.
  • If you’re feeling at all sick, let us know immediately, and please stay home & rest up!

We are New Yorkers. We will get through this with communication & working together.

This is obviously a situation that’s changing minute by minute, and we want to make sure that the members of our community are aware of both the risks and the preventative measures to take during a public health crisis.

Link to NYC Department of Health
Link to Center for Disease Control & Prevention

It’s almost SPRING! Celebrating Holi Day with spices & paint

This week we celebrated Holi and created our own paint!

You can use almost anything to make art…even from ingredients in your pantry!

Our Art Adventures took us to the kitchen, where we found everyday spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, paprika and even cocoa powder to create different color paints. Just mix in increments with white tempera paint to achieve the desired tone, then grab a brush or palette knife & paper and voila: You just created your own paints!

Students then took these new earth tone colors to create either a landscape or portrait painting, keeping some of the art elements in mind: line, color, shape, value, space, and even texture! An exploration of all our 5 senses took place to understand the components in creating an art material and how to use it with various tools.