Summer Art Project Fun

Mandalas in Art

The term Mandala, meaning circle or completion in Sanskrit, carries great symbolism in many world religions and philosophies. In the Art world AND in our classroom, the Mandala can bring on a form of creative therapy.

nepal mandala

Our June Summer Camp Adventurers explored Mandalas and created their own version! Using elements found in “nature”, unity and balance were developed both in the art AND in the soul.

our version of a mandela mandela  mandelas and chalk mural TN-smiles and mandelas    creating mandelas

If interested in learning more about Mandalas and other forms of Asian Art, be sure to check out the Rubin Museum! And attend their annual block party this Sunday, July 17th, celebrating Nepalese culture as inspired by their recent exhibition: Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Rituals.

Happy Art making!

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