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Children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of media and techniques including: paint, clay, wood, plaster, papier-mâché, wire, fabric, sun prints, dioramas, recyclables and more!

Myriad museums and galleries of NYC provide us with ample ideas from which to create, keeping our curriculum current with the art world of today. Parents are invited to join us on a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester. French may be added to any class upon request!

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Minimum 4 children/ Maximum 12 children. *Pickup or drop-off is available for All Souls School only.  Semesters generally run 12-16 weeks.  All registrations and payments are due prior to class attendance.

*Class Requests must be at least 1-2 weeks in advance.  (All Days/Times are based on availability and are not guaranteed.)


DIY Snowman Dough Recipe-East Coast Tuesday Project!

It’s coming down in buckets the snow! So why not have some fun with a cup of hot cocoa, popcorn and this simple kids’ project with household items:

SNOWMEN:  Dough (below), sticks/ Popsicle sticks, felt/ paper or even stickers, glue or gluestick, a baby carrot, buttons or found objects, large bowl, measuring cup, spoon/stirring tool.

Dough snowman

Take turns (a good learning opp.) with each ingredient, including mixing.  Mix dry ingredients first.  Then add the water slowly.  Stir well, then, mix with hands: Squeeze, press, pull; Build muscles in those hands and arms!  Use both together then wash (FYI: Avoid if any cuts on hands, as salt may irritate or hurt.)

  1. Separate and play with it, use tools or just hands, how many things can you do?  When finished:
  2. Roll 3 balls of 3 sizes and stack
  3. Cut various paper for hat & glue onto top of popcycle stick, then press into center of snowman
  4. Decorate w/ buttons, eyes, sticks, etc.
  5. Add a carrot for the nose, it will be fun to watch over time.

Recipe per person (makes 2 snowmen):  ½ cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1/3-1/2 half cup water.   Another trick? To make it air dry in about a day, use a teaspoon of Alum! (Available in any pharmacy, yes it’s safe.)

Don’t eat the dough, it’s not sweet like cookies!

Related for younger: “Frosty the Snowman”, “Let it Snow”, “Dough is for rolling, rolling, rolling, dough is for rolling on a winter’s day”

DIY Chritstmas Tree Project for Kids

Picture an outline of a fir tree, star on top, colored in, on poster board or foam core…  Poke holes with a pencil.  Take colored Xmas lights and push through the openings!  Voila!

Make a large tree, and buy the shortest lights:)  Color it in with markers using repeated strokes or scribbles. Have fun with your kids.  Put it in a window.  If you try it, send us pics to post!


How do you go from an example of Venice to this?

Venetian Example with boatMariella and Suzanne

In our Venice Mini-Set Building Parent-Child Workshop Saturday, students learned exactly that.  Artist Cliff Gokenbach showed us how…

Check out the slideshow below, to see how it was done. Some students are already working on their next city dioramas at home!

(We love it when parents become learners with their children:)  Way to go Mariella!

And a great big THANK YOU to Cliff!



This Friday 3:45pm: Children Can Experience Color & Mood w. Impressionists @ the Met w. Hands-On Projects!

Post Halloween blues?  This Friday from 3:45-5pm, kids can create Monet’s mood through color, Van Gogh’s swirling lines in metal and hide Rousseau’s animals in the jungle… In our Friday Met Children’s Tour, ages 6 and up.   Artists of all ages will love the projects and come home with a goodie bag…. full of art!  Not candy!  (Adults welcome to participate.)


Van Gogh Embossing

Creating the Perfect Disguise at our Venetian Mask Party

At our Venetian Mask Party (great for all ages,) we adorned our own Venetian Masks with jewels, feathers, and so much more.

Take a peek at how we dazzle in our disguises!

This Saturday 4pm: Parent/Child Disguise-Making for Halloween!

This Saturday, October 5th:

Create your own Venetian Mask!
1st Saturdays Parent-Child Workshop

Are you ready for Halloween?
Come create a Venetian mask that you can wear with style while trick-or-treating! Ages 5 and up should carve out time for this easy way to make an authentic-style disguise.


Venetian Mask


This Friday & Sat: Be inspired by the Impressionists! Join now.

Join Museum Adventures and Discover the Impressionists @ the Met!

This Friday, October 4th @3:45-5pm
This Saturday, October 5th @1-2:15pm
Ages 6 and up

(Minimum 3 children per tour)

Tours include hands-on diverse materials, on site at the museum.

Monet Impressionism

Fall Art Adventures begins with Keith Haring!

In our first Art Adventures class of the Fall, we explored line families and made transparency prints a la Keith Haring.

To see all of our photos from class, visit our Flickr Page.

Have a 3-4 year old who wants to make art? Join us!

Keith Haring Transparency Prints