DIY Snowman Dough Recipe-East Coast Tuesday Project!

It’s coming down in buckets the snow! So why not have some fun with a cup of hot cocoa, popcorn and this simple kids’ project with household items:

SNOWMEN:  Dough (below), sticks/ Popsicle sticks, felt/ paper or even stickers, glue or gluestick, a baby carrot, buttons or found objects, large bowl, measuring cup, spoon/stirring tool.

Dough snowman

Take turns (a good learning opp.) with each ingredient, including mixing.  Mix dry ingredients first.  Then add the water slowly.  Stir well, then, mix with hands: Squeeze, press, pull; Build muscles in those hands and arms!  Use both together then wash (FYI: Avoid if any cuts on hands, as salt may irritate or hurt.)

  1. Separate and play with it, use tools or just hands, how many things can you do?  When finished:
  2. Roll 3 balls of 3 sizes and stack
  3. Cut various paper for hat & glue onto top of popcycle stick, then press into center of snowman
  4. Decorate w/ buttons, eyes, sticks, etc.
  5. Add a carrot for the nose, it will be fun to watch over time.

Recipe per person (makes 2 snowmen):  ½ cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1/3-1/2 half cup water.   Another trick? To make it air dry in about a day, use a teaspoon of Alum! (Available in any pharmacy, yes it’s safe.)

Don’t eat the dough, it’s not sweet like cookies!

Related for younger: “Frosty the Snowman”, “Let it Snow”, “Dough is for rolling, rolling, rolling, dough is for rolling on a winter’s day”

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