Happy Passover w. Elijah’s or Miriam’s Cup

While Elijah’s Cup is the 5th untouched cup of wine,  Miriam’s Cup is for water from each guest’s cup to celebrate the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.  It was said that Moses’ sister lead the women in dance and song with tambourines when they safely reached the other side.

Elijah's cupIn the spirit of Passover and the Seder meal, Children designed their own versions of Elijah’s or Miriam’s Cup exploring the art of Decoupage (A French word using the process of a glue mixture over papers and tissues.)  To cut, in French, is “Couper” explaining the cutting of the papers before applying them.

Then we decorated freely with jewels to make the special cups stand out at any Seder Meal!

Other versions may include Sculpey or glass paints.




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