Creativity in Metal with Calder and Chamberlain

Last Friday, Museum Adventures explored Metal, Shape, and Balance while looking at the work of Alexander Calder and John Chamberlain at the Met.

Take a peek at the outstanding results!

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Creating Encaustics with Cecile Chong

This past Saturday in our Parent/Child Workshop, parents and children worked together with Cecile Chong to create their own Encaustics.  In class, we drew a story on canvases for the basis of our painting, covered them with encaustics, etched lines to be filled, and poored wax!

Take a peek at the fantastic results below and don’t miss out on our next Parent/Child Workshop on May 4th – Silkscreening with Gary Lichtenstein.

2013-04-06 16.25.28

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Inspiration Through Art Adventures

We love when Art Adventures inspires students to continue to create art at home!  After our tour of Picasso Black & White at the Guggenheim, Emily created a book reflecting her enjoyment of the tour.

Check out her amazing illustrations and book your tour today. Thank you for sharing with us, Emily!

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CCA loves museum guards!

Museum Adventures loves the art museum guards!  On one of our recent visits to the Guggenheim Museum of Art, Museum Adventures kids and adults enjoyed the Picasso Black and White exhibit lead by Claire Munday.

“The guards are always interested in what we are doing, the projects we work on and they share such wonderful stories!  For example, it was a curious guard that told me a great story about Picasso while I was building the lesson plan.  He said that when Picasso would go to a restaurant, he would take the insides of the soft french bread and begin rolling and shaping it into sculpture while waiting for his food!  Having such busy hands and always having to be making art would certainly explain why Picasso has so many pieces.” ~ Claire

To read the New York Times interview with museum guards, click here.  We recommend  it.