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Professional tools, materials, techniques and new skills awaits… UPCOMING THEMES: Architecture! (learning the in’s and out’s of 1-point and 2-point perspective plus more!)  Portraits! (building a face in simple steps)  

Some HIGHLIGHTS of our online Summer Camps


Virtual Art 🎨 Shows in our Live Online Claires Creative Adventures!

A great way to collaborate and continue learning how to take turns while sharing our ideas and art: Virtual Art shows. Stay connected with your loved ones by creating art and sharing. Some at home art activities to download & print! Happy Art-making! Stay healthy in body & mind. ❤️

For our first museum tour this new school year, we traveled to the Guggenheim Museum of Art! Our Art Adventurers viewed the Guggenheim’s Artistic License & Basquiat exhibitions exploring lines, shapes and symbols, oh my!   It was all about abstract modern and contemporary art reviewing our forms & sculptures with Giacometti;   geometric shapes, lines …

We can’t get enough of this Summer Sunshine! That just means time for more en plein air art. But where to start? 1. Choose your medium. Pencil? Pastels? Watercolor? 2. Pick your favorite outdoor spot (don’t forget water & sunscreen!). 3. And CREATE SOME ART Want some more drawing or painting pointers? Try to spot …

Exploring New Mediums: Image Acrylic Transfer Painting

These past two weeks took us on an Art Adventure exploring new mediums! We were introduced to acrylic gel medium to transfer printed images from a newspaper and onto our acrylic paintings. We also got a sneak peek/ mini- intro to gold leaf and the process of gilding! Our Adventurers exhibited so much patience in …

PASTELS MADE EASY: How to draw a Legume with pastels

Chalk Pastels may seem intimidating, but fear not! Just stick to your values & everything will work out just fine. Watch our process in learning chalk pastel drawing techniques! AND check out more Art Adventure class project photos HERE

Art Adventures @ The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART this week at CCA!

Cave Art with our Mini’s

Last week was all about Cave Art! This two day project included creating stamps from model magic and drawing with new materials. Exploring lines and shapes and even tracing our hands with craypas and pastels. Our Mini Adventurers finished the day “painting” cave art animals with natural elements: