Four Seasons at NYBG

Staying in the city for the summer?

Head up to The New York Botanical Garden to check out Philip Haas’ massive composite portrait busts, Four Seasons, inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s 16th century painting series of the same name.  The contemporary artist and filmmaker has taken the Renaissance master’s famous 2-D paintings and re-imagined them as 15 foot 3-D sculptures of painted fiberglass.

You and your kids will love these fanciful, larger-than-life creations.  Our Art Adventures kids sure do!  The sculptures represent Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Can you guess which is which?

The Four Seasons philip haas four seasonsTake a peek at The New York Botanical Garden website for a video of the installation of these sculptures (they had to be assembled on-site.)  The exhibition is open in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory Courtyard until October 27th.

Philip Haas is an American artist and filmmaker who has exhibited at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Gardens of Versaille, and Piazza del Duomo in Milan among others.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593) was very famous in his own life time as a court painter for the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The composite concept of his Four Seasons paintings, laid the foundation for his success and is what he is most remembered for today.  He painted several versions of Four Seasons over several years.


LIC Flea a Hit!

Come by this Saturday for some more fun with Keith Haring…and check out our Jim Dine Hammering Collaboration from Sunday @ #LICFlea:

2013-07-14 10.43.57 2013-07-14 10.46.08 2013-07-14 11.06.28 2013-07-14 11.24.01 2013-07-14 13.03.58 2013-07-14 13.14.32 2013-07-14 13.14.40 2013-07-14 13.37.04 2013-07-14 13.38.39 2013-07-14 14.15.35 2013-07-14 14.26.55 HDR 2013-07-14 14.52.54 2013-07-14 14.53.03 2013-07-14 14.54.23 2013-07-14 14.59.46

We’re back at the LIC Flea this Sunday!

We’re excited to be back at the LIC Flea & Food this Sunday, July 14th:
Bring your kids, shop and EAT + create ART with CCA!
Let us inspire your child’s imagination & creativity!
Explore artists from NYC’s Museums!

LIC Flea & Food is an outdoor market open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. Over 65 vendors per day include food, fashion, antiques, furniture, vintage items, jewelry and more. Plus music and kids attractions.  Located at 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101.

Visit for more details.

Check out photos of our last time at the Flea where we made Pollock drip prints:

2013-06-16 10.31.51 2013-06-16 10.45.56 2013-06-16 11.16.45 2013-06-16 11.43.41 2013-06-16 13.36.03 2013-06-16 13.41.36 2013-06-16 14.41.53

Parents Love Museum Adventures

Here’s what parents are saying about Museum Adventures:

“Your tours offer what many parents want to give to their kids and may not know exactly how.”

“You do a great job introducing sophisticated material to the kids– without dumbing it down nor having it go over their heads.  That’s a tricky balance and you do it well!”

“Claire is amazing and really knows her stuff when it comes to art theory and art history. You can tell she really loves working with kids and loves art.”

Contact us to join one of our upcoming tours and see why we’re the best art program in the city!

Museum Adventures


Explore Art with a Guide

Our Museum Adventures program is an opportunity to explore art with your children, led by the talented artist and art educator, Claire Munday.

Take a peek at our most recent tour of the Met!

2013-06-01 14.41.24 2013-06-01 15.20.18 2013-06-01 15.20.38 2013-06-01 15.20.48 2013-06-01 15.21.07 2013-06-01 15.21.20 2013-06-01 15.33.02 2013-06-01 15.33.53

Dali-inspired Melting Clocks!

Art Adventures Studio embossed and built their own Dali-inspired functioning clocks!  Clocks were designed and constructed to reflect the “melting” of Dali’s famous clocks.

You and your child can make your own (a great Father’s Day gift) this Saturday, June 1st @4-5:30pm – contact us!

2013-05-23 18.09.36

2013-05-23 18.08.33 2013-05-23 18.08.59 2013-05-23 18.09.16 2013-05-23 18.09.30

2013-05-23 18.11.46
Abe's Dali clock Dali Clocks Tuesday class Jacqueline's Dali clock Lucy's Dali Clock Oli's Dali clock

Learn about SCULPTURE with Elmo!

We love Sesame Street, so on April 18th, when the word of the day was SCULPTURE, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Children who have been on our Museum Adventures tours may recognize some of the artists: Rodin, Brancusi, and David Smith.

Want to learn more about sculpture? Join us for a tour!

And check out this great segment on sculpture:

Alina Szapocznikow Body Sculptures

Using alginate and plaster to explore negative space, students learned how to mix skin color and painted their hands in their own unique ways.
Check out the results of the second part of this project:

2013-05-07 17.40.06 2013-05-07 17.40.10 2013-05-14 17.34.21 2013-05-14 17.35.56 2013-05-14 17.36.13

Nathalie Djurberg Animal Sculptures

Nathalie Djurberg animal sculpture required many steps!  Thinking about a skeleton inside of a sculpture to keep it strong, which shape to make it and which animal to build!  With the use of armature wire, aluminum foil, plaster wrap and paint, these are our amazing creatures that took 3 weeks!

We also made Murakami inspired projects in honor of Mother’s Day. Take a look:

IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387

2013-05-09 15.54.58 2013-05-09 15.55.48 2013-05-09 15.55.58 2013-05-09 15.56.13 2013-05-09 15.56.50 2013-05-09 15.57.22 2013-05-09 15.57.43 2013-05-09 16.09.10

IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1395