GPS Drawing? Sounds fun!

If someone traced your path throughout the day, what would the picture look like?

Portfolio Oomph is partnering with The Big Draw to investigate that idea through a free online workshop that uses GPS tracking on mobile devices to draw pictures based on the owner’s route over a period of time.  “Anyone across the globe can take part using your GPS location tracking system on your mobile device along with a simple GPS Drawing app.  You can get involved in this workshop as an individual, a group or if you are a teacher you could even use the eBook in your class with your children.”

Once complete, photos are posted to their Pinterest page. Click the link to see some of the awesome images!

Click here to download the e-book and learn how to participate.

CCA inspires!

The artist known to the world only as CS is a young but proficient painter. With training and inspiration from Claire Munday, his talents have grown significantly this summer. While usually known for his portraits of his family in CT, CS recently decided to build his street cred by using the techniques of Jackson Pollock as he experienced at the LIC Flea & Food Festival.

Pollock at the LIC Flea

This most recent work is on its way to Park Avenue in Manhattan for display in an executive office.

Pollock at HomeWhat has CCA inspired you to create?


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Museum Adventures with Pollock

Pollock at the LIC Flea = A Hit Once Again!

Thank you all families who came out, we hope to see you in the  near future.  And thank you to the organizers of the Flea for having us!  The day was a hit.

Did you see us at the Hester Street Fair?

We were back painting like Pollock at the Hester Street Fair!

To see all of our photos, visit our Flickr album!

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Don’t miss out on Claes Oldenburg at MoMA

We at CCA are crazy about Claes Oldenburg, so we were particularly excited to hear about MoMA’s exhibition, Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store.

Claes Oldenburg The Store

Oldenburg is known for his depictions of everyday objects, often as sculptures.  This exhibition looks at the beginning of his career, when he began to create the food sculptures he is so well-known for today.  The Street is comprised of objects made from cardboard, burlap, and newspaper.  The Store is made up of brightly painted sculptures and reliefs.

The exhibition, which runs through August 5th, is an excellent opportunity for children to imagine everyday objects in a new light. How would you build your own food sculpture? Would the hamburger be blue or green? What would you use?

Ice Cream Food Art

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TeachingPainting cropped


Keith Haring Prints at the LIC Flea

We had a great time making Keith Haring-inspired prints at the LIC Flea & Food this past Saturday.

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