Story Time through Art!

If you could fly like a bird, where would you go? What would you see from this bird’s eye view? Just in time for Black History AND Women’s History Months, our Art Adventurers took inspiration from contemporary artist, Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach Quilt Series and children’s books! They answered this question and created a “Story Quilt”. Coined by Ringgold, a story quilt is a mixed media textile painting that is created to look like a quilt and tells a story using a combination of paint and textile art materials. We used various drawing and painting materials to visualize our story and different patterned fabrics, yarn, and beads to sew & adorn our “story quilts.” Can you read the stories in our quilts?

Allegra painting her story quilt copy sewing copy

Charlotte's Story Quilt copy If I was a bird, what would I see? copy

“Read” more of our Story Quilts HERE!

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