It’s almost SPRING! Celebrating Holi Day with spices & paint

This week we celebrated Holi and created our own paint!

You can use almost anything to make art…even from ingredients in your pantry!

Our Art Adventures took us to the kitchen, where we found everyday spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, paprika and even cocoa powder to create different color paints. Just mix in increments with white tempera paint to achieve the desired tone, then grab a brush or palette knife & paper and voila: You just created your own paints!

Students then took these new earth tone colors to create either a landscape or portrait painting, keeping some of the art elements in mind: line, color, shape, value, space, and even texture! An exploration of all our 5 senses took place to understand the components in creating an art material and how to use it with various tools. 

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