The Holidays and 2017 flew by with so much art at CCA! We have a lot to be thankful for… Wishing everyone a great start to 2018 and may it be filled with exciting new Creative ADVENTURES!  CLICK HERE for 2018 SPRING NEW classes &  tours!

Art and China after 1989:Theater of the World Exhibit @ the Guggenheim

Studio Adventures Pastel Drawing from our Tour at the Guggenheim

Check out more of our DEC. 2017 Adventures with our Studio class at the Guggenheim! HERE

Happy Art-making in the New Year!

We love Art Museums!

A great way to appreciate ART, spend time with your family…and make Art

During our School Year and June Camps, we make sure to go on Museum Tour Adventures to create ART while surrounded by ART!

And sometimes we even BECOME ART!

Try it and visit a Museum with your family this Summer!

OR JOIN US at the MET this FALL!



Starting the New Year surrounded by Art…

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Our little Artists are taking an adventure with CCA this week to explore the modern wing at the Met. Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman and Alexander Calder are just a few artists we will be exploring and taking inspiration from to create our own versions right at the museum!

At the Met- Mobile by Alexander Calder



Summer Museum Trip with the family

We have been super busy getting ready for an exciting fun filled Fall Art Adventures and checking out all the great current exhibits in New York City!

A must see before it closes, is Unfinished: Thoughts left Visible at the Met Breuer. Check out the unfinished works of artists both past and present: from Da Vinci, and Rembrandt to  Degas, Picasso and Warhol. Let your blossoming little artists see for themselves the processes it takes to create artwork from artists we have studied in class!


blog post breuer















Unfinished closes Sunday September 4th! Don’t miss it

Summer Art Project Fun

Mandalas in Art

The term Mandala, meaning circle or completion in Sanskrit, carries great symbolism in many world religions and philosophies. In the Art world AND in our classroom, the Mandala can bring on a form of creative therapy.

nepal mandala

Our June Summer Camp Adventurers explored Mandalas and created their own version! Using elements found in “nature”, unity and balance were developed both in the art AND in the soul.

our version of a mandela mandela  mandelas and chalk mural TN-smiles and mandelas    creating mandelas

If interested in learning more about Mandalas and other forms of Asian Art, be sure to check out the Rubin Museum! And attend their annual block party this Sunday, July 17th, celebrating Nepalese culture as inspired by their recent exhibition: Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Rituals. 


Happy Art making!

Don’t Forget!

…to check out one of the many contemporary artists who has inspired us here at CCA: Rachel Whiteread at the Luhring Augustine Galleries!

Rachel Whiteread Inspired work by our Art Adventurers!

Rachel Whiteread Inspired work by our Art Adventurers!

Rachel Whiteread's "Embarkment" at Tate Modern

Rachel Whiteread’s “Embarkment” at Tate Modern

This is the final week with the show closing this weekend: December 19th in Chelsea and the 20th in Bushwick Click HERE for details and happy Art Adventures!

CCA 2015 News and Upcoming Events:

New Classes For Ages 3-16.  Spring Registration Extended Through 1/23.

1. Spring Semester begins Feb. 3.   Register Now:   Class Times   Registration Information   Class Descriptions

2.  All About Acting Class Performance Jan. 31st @ 1:30pm-  RSVP to see this performance and experience the class.  Come and enjoy our final performance sharing of level one All About Acting class with Dina. Young Actor’s will perform short scenes and finesse you with some comedy improvisation. Bring friends, it’s guaranteed to delight!

3.  Spring Acting begins Feb. 21st  (12 weeks.)  Register now-Feb. 6th.

4.  Parent/Child Jan. 24th Workshop @ 4pm:  Experience India w. Indian Arts: Henna, Sound Bowls, Mandalas, Music, Yoga and more! Join myself and special guest Truike, Founder of Children of the Ganges.

Visit our GALLERY for action-packed art-making!

Thank You Students For An Incredible Year!

And for lending us your trust, becoming self-confident individuals, working together and having incredible ideas with which to work!  We celebrate your uniqueness, your effort, focus and of course- sense of humor!  Have a great summer.

William Wegman Studio Visit

We were sooo excited to meet the dogs, but seeing Bill’s paintings were a real treat!  Catch our crew in his studio…

Honored to be invited, Bill was amazing with the kids…Who said it was the best studio visit ever!