Women’s History Month: Polly Apfelbaum

Today’s CCA Women History Month artist is an artist we studied in the fall: POLLY APFELBAUM!

Polly Apfelbaum received her B.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art in 1978.  She is best known for her “fallen paintings” that often reside on the floor and fall into the space between painting, installation, and sculpture.  Consisting of dyed fabric, her work often looks as though a pattern organically formed from a point on the floor.  Apfelbaum has had numerous solo exhibitions including the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.  Her work can be seen at MoMa and the Whitney!

Apfelbaum’s ability to melt paintings off of the wall and into the viewer’s space is stunning.  She is an important contemporary artist, and inspired our students to create their own “fallen paintings” from felt in the fall! 

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