Thank You to Charles Hinman for your Visit to CCA

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Last Thursday, we were visited by the artist Charles Hinman.  Mr. Hinman arrived and in conversational style, revealed his 2D and shaped 3D canvases from the 60’s to present.  We learned that his pieces have been collected by the Met and the Whitney Museums, in addition to across the U.S., Europe and Japan.  His biggest influence is in Minimalist art after a time of Abstract Expressionism, DeKooning and Pollock, and was partnered with Frank Stella’s paintings, constructions and sculputre in the exhibition, “Shape and Structure.”

It was a fabulous experience and our students’ relevant and poignant questions of his work were mature and detailed. “Where do you get your inspiration?” Soley asked, among other great questions…Mr. Hinman excalimed, “My, that’s a philosophical question!”

Thank you Mr. Hinman, from all of us at Claire’s Creative Adventures!

For more information on Mr. Hinman, visit his website:


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