ExpiredLate 2-4 years / Rendezvous (Art, Lunch (French) / Tuesdays 12-1:30pm Spring

(1 hour, 30 min) (Min. 4/ Max 12)

In addition to Art Adventures, this fun lunch group will engage in directed conversation practicing (*French) art vocabulary and phrases, encourage children to interact as a group, learn sharing and turn taking with an emphasis on social development and responsibility. *French vocabulary is added to any Rendezvous class upon request.

Students will take a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester. Lunch is either before or after art depending on class time. Children bring a packed NUT-FREE lunch.

Class size is limited to 12 children.

*Pickup or drop-off is available for All Souls School/Church programs only.

5% Discount for All Souls School Children & Siblings!

Click “Pre-Register” to enroll, or to inquire about a class!  (Curriculum builds each class.)

(15 Weeks)   February: 4,11,18,25   March: 3,10,31   (Off March.17, 24)   April: 7,14,21,28    May: 5,12,19,26 (Curriculum continues with the Summer Semester June 8-July 3.)

Trial Classes matter… and Splatter! Why taste-testing programs is key.

HAPPY FALL, everyone!

Reaching for the “sky” with Mural fun and collaboration! (Age: early 3’s)

Back to school means change and change for kids is hard.

This week we noticed many fears alleviated and many challenges overcome

“Action” Jackson splatter painting in action! (Age 4)

Once in the consistency of the classroom, and having  formed trust and boundaries with our young students, we were all set for the chaos of

“Action” Jackson Splatter-Painting

during our Art, Lunch and French classes (Rendezvous) and our 1 hour Art Adventures classes.

In our first day, we are settled in with new friends, a new environment and a new outlook on painting!

Our First Day of Rendezvous with Lunch, ART, French AND fun!

JOIN US & try out an ART ADVENTURES $45 TRIAL CLASS NEXT WEEK (Tuesday or Wednesday)