RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! DIY Lava Lamps on this rainy spring day!

What are those bottles in our art kits for?!

A VERY fun art AND science project to do during any rainy day: “LAVA LAMPS!”

+oil (can be mineral/ baby/ OR a cooking oil)
+food coloring (choose any color!)
+fun tiny objects, glitter, etc. (to sprinkle inside your bottle) * ONLY a little!

1. Sprinkle or drop your tiny objects/ glitter/etc inside your bottle.

2. Add about 1/3 oil into your bottle (if you have a little funnel, even easier!)

3. Fill the rest of your bottle with water (leave a tiny bit of space at the top)

4. Add 3-6 drops of your choice food coloring. What happens?!

5. Seal your bottle tight. Flip your lava lamp slowly back and forth to see it go!

apART 💜together: joining the virtual movement to stay creative AND connected

An official welcome to our first online zoom classes! Our Spring 2020 Art Adventures has taken us to the virtual world this week.

Here, we learn how to use a Zoom class! We played fun interactive games finding our mute button to make group Zoom classes easier to take turns.


We also collaborated together in our abstract line game, created a meditation guided landscape drawing using 4 lines and drew our version of the corona virus.

Abstract Line Game

Landscape Drawing







Our studio classes took it to the next level also learning how to create a transfer drawing.


What a fun + educational filled virtual day sharing art AND our new art spaces!

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Stay Healthy, Stay Creative!