Chinese New Year: Year of the Pig… & Calligraphy Art for Art Adventures!

Last Week was Chinese (Lunar) New Year! We celebrated by sculpting a pig with air dry clay, painting with acrylics, then exploring Chinese Ink, Iridescent Watercolor paints & Bamboo brushes to create beautifully balanced abstract Calligraphy paintings! Practice, Practice, Practice was the name of the game when using our Line & Shape Families to create with the ink.

Let is Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow….in your Artwork!

We are quickly approaching our Spring Semester @ CCA! So for our last full week of January, we continue to let the Winter season inspire our Art Adventures- creating Snowscape Value paintings with our 5-7yo Art Adventures

Art Adventures Snowscape Value Painting

..and Snow(wo)man Clay Sculptures with Found Objects for our Mini Art Adventures!

Our Mini’s Class Snowman Clay Sculptures

Whether it’s the weather, nature, found objects or other Artists….Anything can inspire Art Making! See MORE WINTER SNOW ART FUN HERE! 

And check out what we’re about by clicking HERE! or visiting us in the classroom!

Swedish Clay Cookie Stamps & Holiday Cardmaking!

Getting into the holiday spirit with cookies, we used this age-old Swedish tradition of making specialty designs in clay as an indicator of what store, (or in this case, what child) the cookies came from! We first created a sphere with air-dry clay (found at craft & art stores), flattened it and added a coil handle with slip (water + clay.) After several days the clay was dry, then we brushed them with flour to press into a simple sugar cookie recipe and baked to show off our designs while making our holiday cards!  Just roll the cookie dough into small balls, dust with flour and press! (Bake as instructed per recipe.)

TN-completed clay stamp designs TN-Olivia and Miss Claire TN-stamping our sugar cookies TN-swedish stamp sugar cookies

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From all of us here at Art Adventures, wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday and New Year! Keep making ART and see you next year!