Raphael Barrios Sculptures on Park Ave!

It’s a beautiful day outside and feels like spring!  We at Claire’s Creative Adventures suggest going out and enjoying some of the amazing public art around the city.


Every spring, a sculptural installation opens along the Park Avenue malls between 50th and 68th Streets presented by The Sculpture Committee of The Fund for Park Avenue and the Public Art Program of the City of New York’s Department of Parks & RecreationThis year the installation features the work of Venezuelan artist Raphael Barrios.    There are nine stainless steel, geometric sculptures along the Park Avenue malls and at 2,200 lbs and 20 feet tall, they are not to be missed.  Each is multi-colored and light sensitive so that they change color with the light. 


Why not take advantage of the beautiful day and go see some PUBLIC ART?  Let us know what you think!




For more information on Raphael Barrios, visit his website:


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