Print it Together! Collaborative Personality Prints Inspired by Bourgeois & Hepler

This week students will work individually to create their own line personality printing plate and work collaboratively to print their plate on a poster that each student in the class will add to. Students will think about what lines they think represent their personality and then create a design based on those lines. When posters are dry each student will take one poster home.

Highlighted Artists: Louise Bourgeois, Anna Hepler 



Louise Bourgeois:

Born in 1911 in Paris to tapestry restorationists Louis and Josephine Bourgeois, Louise would often help in the tapestry studio when she was a child, by drawing in sections that needed restoration. She soon became an expert at drawing legs and feet (the parts of the tapestry towards the bottom that most often needed work), and these shapes reappear throughout her body of work.