Josef Albers at The Morgan Library & Museum


In Art Adventures, we spend a lot of time playing the line and shape game to learn about the fundamentals of art.  We also look at artists who focused heavily on lines and shapes in their art.  One of our favorite of these artists is Josef Albers, best know for his series Homage to the Square in which he explored color theory and relationships through overlapping squares of varying sizes. Therefore, we were very excited to learn about the new exhibition of studies for his paintings at The Morgan Library & Museum!  Despite the fact that Albers usually finished paintings very quickly, he would make an assortment of sketches beforehand, and about 60 of these sketches are now on view at The Morgan.  Since they are sketches, kids will get to see evidence of the artistic process and find inspiration for their own art!

This exhibit will be up until October 14th so there’s plenty of time to stop by and create your own square story at home! 

For more information and directions, visit The Morgan Library & Museum website.

Photo courtesy of The Morgan Library & Museum

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