Passover Foods in Mosaics!

In the spirit of Passover and the Seder meal, and recognizing the power of storytelling in art– Children designed their own versions of either a Seder plate/ Tile, or Elijah’s/ Miriam’s Cup. During the Seder, Elijah’s Cup is the 5th untouched cup of wine, Miriam’s Cup is for water from each guest’s cup to celebrate the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.  (It was said that Moses’ sister, Miriam, led the women in dance & song with tambourines when they safely reached the other side.)

We sculpted our tile or cup from clay with cylinders and the pinch pot method, then decorated and/ or told our favorite part of the story of Passover- using the art of mosaics!  Can you identify the foods of Passover in the clay tile below?

Mosaic clay tile telling a story Elijah chalice and plate

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