Bruce Nauman “One Hundred Fish Fountain” at Gagosian Gallery



We are very excited about Bruce Nauman’s One Hundred Fish Fountain (2005) at Gagosian Gallery at 980 Madison Ave, up through August 31st, 2012.

In the stunning installation, Nauman cast one hundred bronze fish from nature and suspended them from wires of various lengths over a 25 ft x 28 ft basin of water.  Water is also pumped through tubing into the fish which spurt it out when filled, creating a fountain.  The piece runs on a fifteen minute cycle with a two minute break between cycles.  Nauman and the late Donald Young, his friend and dealer, caught all of the fish involved in casting in the Great Lakes. 

We think it’s an interesting artistic exploration for all ages and definitely worth a trip. 

What does it inspire you to create?

For photos and an incredible video of the installation, visit the Gagosian Gallery website.

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