Spheres, Cones, Cylinders… & Picasso!

Taking inspiration from the recent Museum of Modern Art exhibit, as well as well-known Picasso sculptures and busts, our Art Adventurers created their own! We used a very special “stone” clay and squeezed, pulled, rolled and pinched to create geometric and organic 3D forms!  Once attached together, they look just like a Picasso’s!  Can you spot the spheres, cones, and cylinders in our 4-6 year old sculptures?

TN-Picasso's Organic shaped stone clay busts-1 TN-Picasso's Organic Shaped Stone Clay busts

And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Picasso’s inspirational work at MoMA! Last Day is this Sunday, Feb. 7th! http://www.moma.org

New Year and new Creative Ways to make 2016 Healthy!

Our new teacher Miss Nikki shared with us these fun and artistic ways to eat healthy in the new year! Check out all of these easy snack and small meal ideas! Lets look and feel great for and with our kids in 2016!
apples, peanut butter, bananas, macadamia nuts
kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, skewers, cookie cutters (optional)
apples and grapes
peppers hummus tomato cucumber  toothpicks
banana, grapes, raisins (to replace animal crackers)
celery, gold fish and hummus
graham crackers and peanut butter with celery.
popsicles for good behavior with your favorite fruit
brown rice ham, egg, cucumber, olives, tomatos, shrimp
Strawberry spinach smoothie
lets replace white rice for brown rice.
Find inspiration in your everyday life to create more and eat healthier!

Cartooning Class with Mackenzie Younger

Visiting artist Mackenzie Younger demonstrates the basic elements of cartooning with Art Adventures Studio students!  After learning silhouettes, characters, friends and foes, backgrounds and thought bubbles, students tried their hand at their own cartoons…

“Mr. Mack” has published his own children’s book as well as shows his work in NYC.

2016-01-19 16.23.02 2016-01-19 16.36.51 2016-01-19 16.40.42 2016-01-19 17.45.25 2016-01-19 17.48.19 2016-01-19 17.45.482016-01-19 17.45.36 2016-01-19 17.45.42

Snow Globes at the perfect time!

As the snow storm approaches, some of our CCA students have had the joy of making snow globes!  What fun to build our own with found objects, a glue gun, glitter, boiled water (let cool) or distilled water (less bubbles), and some Glycerin… (to help the snow fall more slowly;)

20160118_151908 cropped 20160118_152005 Snow Globe building example

Swedish Clay Cookie Stamps & Holiday Cardmaking!

Getting into the holiday spirit with cookies, we used this age-old Swedish tradition of making specialty designs in clay as an indicator of what store, (or in this case, what child) the cookies came from! We first created a sphere with air-dry clay (found at craft & art stores), flattened it and added a coil handle with slip (water + clay.) After several days the clay was dry, then we brushed them with flour to press into a simple sugar cookie recipe and baked to show off our designs while making our holiday cards!  Just roll the cookie dough into small balls, dust with flour and press! (Bake as instructed per recipe.)

TN-completed clay stamp designs TN-Olivia and Miss Claire TN-stamping our sugar cookies TN-swedish stamp sugar cookies

Check out more with Clay Stamps HERE!

From all of us here at Art Adventures, wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday and New Year! Keep making ART and see you next year!

Don’t Forget!

…to check out one of the many contemporary artists who has inspired us here at CCA: Rachel Whiteread at the Luhring Augustine Galleries!

Rachel Whiteread Inspired work by our Art Adventurers!

Rachel Whiteread Inspired work by our Art Adventurers!

Rachel Whiteread's "Embarkment" at Tate Modern

Rachel Whiteread’s “Embarkment” at Tate Modern

This is the final week with the show closing this weekend: December 19th in Chelsea and the 20th in Bushwick Click HERE for details and happy Art Adventures!

Art Adventures Goes To MFTA

Our tummies are full, hearts filled with thanks and minds ready for more art! During our Thanksgiving break, the crew here at Art adventures went on an Art field trip to Material for the Arts!  Artist in Residence, Juan Hinojosa shared his creative process with us using the art form of collage. Simply using scissors, glue, and various paper & found objects, we planned, arranged and attached our materials on old LP’s!

What a great idea for future art adventures at home! Fun for the whole family, including the use of dad’s old 70’s & 80’s albums;)
Take a look at our creations HERE!

our collage!  Thanks again Juan!  the crew

Thank you to Material for the Arts and Juan for sharing this experience with us! Be sure to check out Juan’s work in person at his opening Blonde Ambition on December 17th! Click HERE for more info.