Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s Sakura Matsuri this weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens! In celebration of this Spring time festival, our Art Adventurers made Cherry Blossom tree sculptures! Using real branches, tissue paper for blossoms and paper mache, we attached, shaped, folded and crimpled to build our blooming cherry blossom trees!

cherry blossom festival copy

cherry blossom smiles copy smiles and a cherry blossom tree copy

Check out more of our beautiful Cherry Blossom forest HERE!

Passover Foods in Mosaics!

In the spirit of Passover and the Seder meal, and recognizing the power of storytelling in art– Children designed their own versions of either a Seder plate/ Tile, or Elijah’s/ Miriam’s Cup. During the Seder, Elijah’s Cup is the 5th untouched cup of wine, Miriam’s Cup is for water from each guest’s cup to celebrate the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.  (It was said that Moses’ sister, Miriam, led the women in dance & song with tambourines when they safely reached the other side.)

We sculpted our tile or cup from clay with cylinders and the pinch pot method, then decorated and/ or told our favorite part of the story of Passover- using the art of mosaics!  Can you identify the foods of Passover in the clay tile below?

Mosaic clay tile telling a story Elijah chalice and plate

Clay Impressions with Art Adventures & Parent-Child Workshop!

We loved the Holiday Clay Impressions so much we had to have a part deux with an All Soul’s Parent-Child workshop and Art Adventures class! Our Workshop and Art Adventurers learned to texturize using various tools and texture patterns on clay slabs to then create bowls, plates and special vases!  We then glazed our creations with different color underglazings. Can’t wait to see the finished products after being fired in a kiln!

working together with clay copysmiles adding textures to our clay slabs copy   adding textures to our clay slabs copyGlazing with many colors

Check out more of our clay impression plates, bowls, and vases HERE!

Claire’s Creative Adventures wins the 2016 New York Hall Of Fame in Education Services!

Exciting News!  Claire’s Creative Adventures has been selected for the 2016 New York Award in the Education Services category, the 2015 Best in Manhattan Tours AND inducted into the New York Award Program Hall of Fame for winning the “Best In Education Services” category for 4 consecutive years!

CCAaward2016edservices-4yrs  2016CCAedserviceaward  TN-2015CCA-bestintouraward

Without YOU and your INCREDIBLE CHILDREN who we have the privilege and honor of teaching, this would not be possible…Thank you!

ART on the GO!

Its welcome back week at CCA! During Spring break, Claire headed to Florida and met with Laser Peg’s inventor and lead designer, Jon, who is now working on many more inventions! Claire had the unique opportunity to also teach his twins color and pattern techniques with paint on wood. How differently they approached their pieces!  While one explored the magic of sponge painting with natural sponges (given the sea was only a few steps away) the other decorated with repetitive dots in various contrasting colors…
What fun!!



A big thank you goes out to Jon and Tanya for this wonderful experience!

Project Party Idea for any season!

Turns out “Snow” globes make for a great project at parties no matter what the season! Just use any found objects to follow your particular theme, different color glitter, glycerin, & distilled water! With the weather quickly changing, Cherry Blossom trees with pink and white glitter can make for the perfect “Spring” globes to welcome the upcoming season!

From the weather to  spirit animal or even your favorite sport, the possibilities are endless. What “themed” globe idea do you have? Check out some of our globes from our last Party Adventure!

TN-closeup of our snowglobesTN-snow globes in a row

Summer Camp This June!

June Summer Camp is for longer art-making, larger-scale projects and diverse classes each week …Culminating in a wrap-up Friday museum tour to see the artists discussed throughout the week, right here in the Big Apple. What don’t we use? Diverse materials are our forte! Clay, wood, metal, fabric, found objects, paint, video, stop film animation and more!  Courtyards are used for sketching and outdoor art + they’ll enjoy daily easel painting, group murals, free-choice art stations, story telling and inspiring art processes to tantalize and engage every age and skill level.  Class size is limited to 10 children – So don’t wait to Register!

Register Now

5% discount for All Souls School students, siblings or multiple week registration.

June 13-17  June 20-24  June 27-July 1
Age groups: late 3-6’s/ 7-11’s
Monday – Friday
Mornings 9:30am – 12:30 pm (Children bring a packed, nut-free lunch.)
Afternoons 1:30-3:30 pm

Story Time through Art!

If you could fly like a bird, where would you go? What would you see from this bird’s eye view? Just in time for Black History AND Women’s History Months, our Art Adventurers took inspiration from contemporary artist, Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach Quilt Series and children’s books! They answered this question and created a “Story Quilt”. Coined by Ringgold, a story quilt is a mixed media textile painting that is created to look like a quilt and tells a story using a combination of paint and textile art materials. We used various drawing and painting materials to visualize our story and different patterned fabrics, yarn, and beads to sew & adorn our “story quilts.” Can you read the stories in our quilts?

Allegra painting her story quilt copy sewing copy

Charlotte's Story Quilt copy If I was a bird, what would I see? copy

“Read” more of our Story Quilts HERE!

CCA Goes Abstract Expressionist.. with a twist!

Last week at Art Adventures, our teacher Ms. Nikki introduced us to the work of contemporary artist, Cody Hooper. In a series of his works, Hooper combined old with the contemporary by incorporating aged music sheets with his abstract expressionist painting. We took inspiration from this series, and created our own version! Using different painting techniques with brushes and sponges, we took music sheets and tempera to collage and paint in layers a very abstract painting full of colorful expression! We even artificially aged our music sheets using charcoal and watercolor to give that “antique” look! Check out Cody Hooper’s abstract work HERE!

And our results HERE!

TN-Ms. Nikki teaching us Abstract Expressionist painting techniques  copyTN-painting the canvas for Cody Hooper inspired Abstract Expressionist painting copy

TN-center stage face in this abstract mixed media painting copy  TN-music sheets and abstract expressionism copy



Black History Month Appreciation through Art

In honor of this month, we commemorate Captain Patrice Clarke Washington–  through value study!  Born in the Bahamas in 1961, Captain Washington, is one of the nation’s, and possibly the world’s, first black female commercial airline captains!

TN-Value Study with Color commemorating Airline Captain Patrice Clark Washington for Black History Month

Taking a photo of her, we divided the image, and each Art Adventurer made it their own – following the “code” of values and using a wide variety of materials!  In the end, we brought our pieces together to create this colorful portrait of an inspiring figure who continues to make history.