7 and Up, This week, Scully Painted Panels!

Spring has sprung at CCA and this week begins our new semester. We look forward to welcoming new students and introducing the regulars to some new artists.

This week students will explore examples of painter Sean Scully’s work to learn about tertiary colors, and repetition of shapes in a composition. They will then apply their knowledge by selecting and painting wood shapes in tertiary colors of their choice and then arranging them in layers to create a pleasing composition that includes positive and negative space.

If your student gets excited by this project they can check out Scully’s work in person at the Smithsonian Art Museum, “Multiplicity”, Washington DC, Nov. 11 2011 – Mar. 11 2012


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Join Us for Spring 2012’s Fabulous All-New Art Adventures!


Weave metallic cloth inspired by African Artist, El Anatsui, and his use of recyclables seen at the M

et’s Contemporary Gallery and Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas 






Ever tried to sew vinyl?  Now you can and we can help! What would you put into your transparent 3-D vinyl sculpture? Make a sculpture like Claes OIdenburg’s “Giant Soft Fan,” which you can see at MoMA!




Based on Maya Lin’s Land Art Installations, we know this will be a favorite!  3-D Land Art building with sawdust and surprising textures. 



And that’s only a few! Our Spring line-up also includes:  

Create Robert Ryman’s Textural paintings, Robert Rauschenberg “Self portraitcombines as seen at MoMA, Phoebe Cummings 3D landscape building,  William Kentridge’s Stop motion animation drawings, Carve, plaster, and mold Byzantine Boxes as seen at the newly opened Met wing, Judy Chicago’s 3D relief of flowers, John Chamberlain’s metallic crashed car sculptures  


Plus… Kara Walker and Banksy Collaborative Mural projects!  



Art Adventures: What to expect when you’re expecting the BEST?


Fabulous fun-filled Contemporary Artist-based art

Exciting curriculum coupled with hands-on Museum tours

Compassionate, in-the-know NY City-Savvy teachers

Parental input that helps shape what we do

Years of Upper East Side quality services


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3-5’s! Plaster Animals

8-10’s Maurizio Cattelan- inspired plaster wrap poses!

While learning to design and bend wire, students created a human form in an action against a plane, then added layers of “muscle” to be wrapped in plaster and painted, with great success!

Met tour with Cy Twombly, Adolfo Gottlieb and Romare Beardon!

While discovering the importance of a simple line, students drew and then collaged textures, shape and pattern in these final Romare Beardon- inspired combined collages!