Our Students Pursuing Acting

One of our students, Nicole Berger, plays Young Beatrice in The Longest Week, a film by Neda Armian.

Neda Armian says of the young performer:

“She did a great job the other day! She’s smart, poised, professional, and plays a mean piano. Thanks Nicole for being part of our film.”

CCA is extremely proud and happy for Nicole! Keep at it!


Terry Winters Layered Paintings 8-10’s

We began these canvas paintings by laying a monochromatic wash of our choice on the surface. We then masked off grid lines in varioius designs and added a layer of complimentary colors. The last step was to create shape and letter stencils to add the final layer. Here are a few process images.


Terry Winters creates his unique paintings in multiple layers using bold graphics which create visually dense pictures.