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The ongoing global outbreak of coronavirus means we are taking detailed and targeted health and social precautionary measures to provide the safest environment possible for your children.

New CCA policy requires anyone attending CCA classes and/or camps to answer questions to ensure everyone’s health and safety prior to your child’s attendance (and will be required to re-confirm periodically throughout all programs.)

All adults, including caregivers, must be informed and held accountable for understanding and abiding by the policies, questions and information below and must follow the same preventative health and social distancing measures for themselves, their families and their (entrusted) children mandated by the state of NY.


Link to NYC Department of Health

Link to Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Please NOTE:

  • In the spirit of Social Distancing, you/your caregiver will be asked to remain outside of the church and a teacher will lead your child to the bathroom to wash hands, then proceed to the classroom.  After camps, teachers will bring the children out to the courtyard.
  • When you arrive, come to the side-door entrance, inside the courtyard and down the steps, as per your welcome letter.


  • If any of the above symptoms have presented themselves in the past 48 hours, your child will be refused.  Medical confirmation of health via a signature from your doctor/ child’s doctor will be required before entering and/or returning.
  • The more we are in communication and support each other, the better off we all will be; We are an intimate group of adults and children which must be hyper-aware of how to be together in a safe, healthy and responsible way!
  • We ensure that all staff has been screened, will remain calm, assuage fears, and engage your child in questions and relevant age-appropriate information, as needed.
  • We look forward to proceeding with your child’s Art Adventures fun & creativity… and most importantly, all of our safety.

Please also visit our Update from Claire’s Creative Adventures about the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak for CCA program’s health and action-plan details.


This is obviously a situation that’s changing minute by minute, and we want to make sure that the members of our community are aware of both the risks and the preventative measures to take during a public health crisis.