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“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the field trip to the Met yesterday!!!  Walker absolutely loved it and was so proud of his art work.  He explained in detail each one to his father and brother this morning.  Thanks for opening up their minds and abilities.” -Kate 


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Contemporary, Modern and Multicultural Museum Tours!

(1 hour and 15- 30 minutes)  3.5 and up + Adult  (Drop-off available for ages 6 and up.)

Come with your child to NYC museums and galleries! The Met, MoMA, Guggenheim, UES, Chelsea galleries and more… children (and adults!) can experience the excitement the vast visual art scene New York City has to offer.   What’s better than original hands-on art fun, with unique materials – right in front of the pieces, to stimulate learning?  Let us help your child to discover artists and demystify art processes.  With the use of plastics, collage, metal, wire, found objects and more… these energetic tours are engaging to even our youngest tour-goers!  Both parent and child are introduced to modern and contemporary artists, diverse cultures, a wide variety of mediums and techniques on-site.

Limited to 8 children (+ adult/ materials included.)

Interested in a Museum Adventure? Email us

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Are the grandparents coming to town? Looking for an entertaining birthday plan? A museum tour is an amazing gift for birthday parties, family in town or just a group of friends looking for something to do that’s new and unique!



El Anatsui_Between Earth and Heaven_2006

El Anatsui, Recycled Metal Installations:  Choose from vast metallic materials & learn about why this artist’s works Are all over the city!



Roy Lichtenstein_Stepping Out_1978

The Modern or Impressionist Galleries:  Are your curious about Modern art or the Impressionists? Don’t know where to begin?Explore Modern/Contemporary/Impressionist art with Claire Munday & see how and why select works are important to share with your children!



Metal, LinAlexander Caler_Mobile_1941e, Shape & Balance: Explore texture & line with metal & wire. Create a Calder Stabile, David Smith metal embossing, explore John Chamberlain crushed metal sculpture with your bare hands.




Africa: Animals, Masks & Stories: Portrait Mask - Gba gba_MetDiscover Africa through metal, fabric & animal designs!

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