This week: Adire Eleko Part II (3-5’s)

This week the students will finish their Adire Eleko backpacks by scraping the cassava starch paste (flour/water/alum) to reveal their Adire Eleko patterns and designs. In addition, the students will finish their Marc Chagall inspired stained glass cray-pas scene drawings, inspired by the students’ spring break vacation.


Adira Eleko prints

The students will be immersed in a two day project that explores Adira Eleko prints. They will create their own backpacks with personalized prints.

Materials used:

1-mixture: flour, water, and alum to “paint” their Adire Eleko prints


3-fabric dye


This project continues our lesson on creating patterns and designs.


Music Adventures for Babies

Our first day pictures with babies first Music Adventures class! 


Limited spaces are still available.  Email: or call 646-755-7733 today!