Spring 🌸 2020 Finale + UPCOMING SUMMER ☀️ ART CAMP online

For our final Spring Studio Art Adventures Online, we returned to artist, Jonathan Lev’s studio!

Sharing his latest LIFE-SIZE charcoal drawings, he gave us more art technique secrets when drawing a 3D object onto a 2D surface.  We worked through many art challenges to understand how to capture perspective, locate our light source and show depth using our value scale. WATCH HERE on our youtube channel!

Thank you again, Jonathan!  Check out more of his inspiring work HERE!



Tweens & Teens SUMMER Drawing ✍️  Programs CLICK FOR MORE

That’s a wrap Spring 🌸 2020! Coming Soon: SUMMER ☀️ 2020 ART ADVENTURES Online CAMP

We did it! Congrats to all our Art Adventurers and parents for taking this very different creative adventure with us this spring. See our 2019-2020 art year in action: HERE 

Art 🎨  is strength and healing. Keep making art and staying creative this summer! ❤️ 

See you for our very special online editions of SUMMER ART CAMP! 5 WEEKS STARTING JUNE 15th!

DANCE-ART CAMP in collaboration with Central Studio Academy to bring storytelling through DANCE, MUSIC, LANGUAGE AND ART in our weekly camp sessions


TWEENS & TEENS DRAWING PROGRAMS with guest artist, Jonathan Lev! A bi-weekly upper level drawing curriculum age appropriated: 

Pre-Masters Drawing: Ages 9-12

Masters Drawing: Ages 13-15



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❤️💜  Stay Healthy & Creative,

🎨 Claire’s Creative Adventures

Teacher Appreciation Month’s Top Pick: Jen May

Ms. Jen’s contribution to CCA children (and many more schools) is greatly valued and appreciated.  Her warmth, patience, compassion and the sharing of her unique projects have inpsired many classes and so many children (The art of Mosaics, Gustav Klimt, Dale Chihuly, Philip Haas and so many more.)

For her skillful talents as a teacher and artist, and on behalf of parents, children and CCA…. We say THANK YOU MS. JEN!  You truly are amazing.  We ❤️ you!

This Chilly 🥶 week = FROZEN ❄️ Translucent 2D + 3D Movie Poster Collage Designs!

We put on our filmmaker thinking caps and became graphic designers to create our own version of a 3D Movie Poster. Frozen 2 was our inspiration this week!

We learned NEW characters…  Nature’s elements!(Earth (GIANTS) Fire (BRUNI) Water (NOKK) Wind (GALE.)  Click to learn more about this.  Art Themes: Opaque vs. Transparent/Translucent; Warm vs Cool colors, plus how movies build Characters- and represent them in advertising. 













You can create other collage posters of your favorite movies! All you need is paper, glue, and cut up images of characters & elements in your movie. Add any 2D or 3D thing that reminds you of the movie.

Happy poster designing!

❤️ Stay Healthy + Creative

Celebrating Moms ALL week with Art!

ART ART AND MORE ART! We want to thank all our Moms this week (and EVERYDAY!) for their love, hard work and strength during these crazy times… with the creativity they helped to blossom.

April Shower truly brought May flowers….just in time for our Mom’s. Using plastic “see-through” vases + paper petals + pipe-cleaners + pink/blue/yellow vellum strips + glue,

we created a stained glass mosaic style vase with beautiful paper flowers!

Be sure to go outside- collect smooth stones (clean and paint them!) to add to your vase!


Let’s Smash the Coronavirus …with ART! DIY Coronavirus Piñata

If you’ve already seen this NYTIMES ARTICLE , you’re probably wondering, how can we do this at home?!

Here are the steps & materials you will need to feel the satisfaction, power and outdoor fun!




balloon, news paper (cut into strips), equal parts flour + water,  toilet paper tubes, tissue paper (optional), paint, scissors, glue (hot glue gun works great!) heavy string or fishing line (to hang)

coronavirus pinata example taken from the NY Times article


1- Blow up a balloon

2- Cut newspaper into strips (both long and short)

3- Mix equal parts (1:1) water : flour in a bucket (this will be your papier-mâché mix)

4- Dunk newspaper strips in papier-mâché mix one at a time & spread over balloon.

5-Cover your whole balloon until you no longer see your balloon.

6- Let dry

7- Glue (hot glue works best) toilet paper rolls around your papier-mâché balloon (these will be the red spike proteins that stick out of the coronavirus!)

8- Paint your papier-mâché coronavirus !

9-  Take a pin/needle & poke through the papier-mâché to POP your balloon

10- Grownups, Cut a small hole in your papier-mâché to fill your coronavirus with some treats! Then re-cover your hole with tape + paint

11- Tape string or fishing line  for hanging

Voila! You now have yourself a Corona virus Piñata!

Happy Quarantine Art Making!

Stay Safe, Healthy & Creative! ❤️ 

Visiting Artist, Jonathan Lev on Art Adventures Live + Springtime Exploration of Flowers

April Showers are in full swing during this last week’s online (3-5’s) classes. Art Adventures, Rendez-vous (art and French) and Mini’s Adventures celebrated May flowers early with our Spring Scene-Building collages! We learned all about making “Pictures” with Shapes (first) followed by the line families (“Bigger first, Smaller last”) bringing life to our silhouetted animals with “inside lines,” while providing stems to our garden of tulips.


Older students in our Studio Adventures took a virtual tour with guest artist, Jonathan Lev !

We were so excited to join Jonathan in his grand studio where he shared some of his work, favorite art materials and even a sneak peek into his current larger-than-life-sized astronaut portrait! As a talented charcoal portraitist (located in LIC) he also gave us inside techniques in using charcoal, pencils and erasers when drawing with values to build 3D objects in our very own “Cezanne” still life.  (A free “how-to” video will soon be made available.)

Thank you, Jonathan!  Check out more of his inspiring work HERE!




Mosaic Art can be found almost anywhere! In museums, murals on buildings and even in your home!!

Make it a game! Be sure to check out the patterns of tiles in your bathroom or kitchen! That’s a mosaic!

Our Art Adventurers made their own with REAL mosaic tiles provided in our delivered art kits! A relaxing art activity that teaches us about patterns + repetition.



Don’t have any mosaic tiles? Make or FIND your own!

All you need are :

+ recycled objects found at home (any plastic object- like bottle caps or utensils; cardboard pieces)

+any color/ patterned papers (magazines are great! think visual textures!)
+ scissors
+ gluestick


1-CHOOSE different color paper or pages from a magazine OR found objects

2-Use your scissors to CUT small “tiles” out of your paper (keep working on our cutting + dexterity skills)

3-ARRANGE your “tiles” next to each other on a new piece of paper or cardboard panel- like a puzzle!

4-GLUE each “tile” one by one in place

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! DIY Lava Lamps on this rainy spring day!

What are those bottles in our art kits for?!

A VERY fun art AND science project to do during any rainy day: “LAVA LAMPS!”

+oil (can be mineral/ baby/ OR a cooking oil)
+food coloring (choose any color!)
+fun tiny objects, glitter, etc. (to sprinkle inside your bottle) * ONLY a little!

1. Sprinkle or drop your tiny objects/ glitter/etc inside your bottle.

2. Add about 1/3 oil into your bottle (if you have a little funnel, even easier!)

3. Fill the rest of your bottle with water (leave a tiny bit of space at the top)

4. Add 3-6 drops of your choice food coloring. What happens?!

5. Seal your bottle tight. Flip your lava lamp slowly back and forth to see it go!