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“The BEST art program in the city!  -Faith
“Thank you so much for so inspiring Zachary. He loves art class and is so proud of his creations!”  -Bonnie
 “Sam and Harry always say they love going to your class because they don’t know what fun thing they’re going to do.”  -Amy
 “Thank you for all of the thought and effort you and your teachers put into the program.  Ridgely LOVES the class.”  -Lib 
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All Souls Church: 1157 Lexington Avenue at 80th Street

Other locations:  Private

Parents are invited to join us on a museum tour each semester to learn from famous artists and various cultures!

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Art Adventures

Our Goal:

We believe that learning to think creatively is necessary to everyone’s development. Our program is designed to reach all intelligences, to go beyond school curriculums to demystify art, artists and their processes. Located at All Souls Church, Art Adventures is an inclusive hands-on children’s art studio that teaches art not just as a pastime, but as a means of individual expression. Children leave with confidence as they develop the courage to tackle the “artistic problems” we introduce. While exploring contemporary, modern and multicultural art, children overcome obstacles, master triumphs and revel in the excitement over newfound ways to use myriad mediums!

Visiting artists are also invited throughout the year to share their unique perspectives. One Museum or gallery visit is included each semester for ages 4 and up. Art Adventures Studio classes visit museums and galleries more frequently. Although semester enrollment is offered, our curriculum will span the entire year. Languages are also an important part of learning about the world! We offer Art and French classes where French is introduced throughout the art processes.

Topics may include:

Contemporary and modern artists, photography, self-portraits, line, shape and color studies, Pollock in the park, eco-art, Wayne Thiebaud and Claes Oldenburg pop art food sculpture, Nevelson and Giacometti sculptures, Calder mobiles, stabiles and circuses, Lichtenstein patterns, African masks, cloths and mud painting, Egyptian art, Indian sand rituals and yarn art, Japanese fish prints, Chinese calligraphy, storytelling, world arts and so much more… mostly because processes are child directed or process reflect the museums we visit!

Children love our hands-on projects!


For children 2-3 years:

Mini-Art Adventures! Where parent and child explore mediums side-by-side, learning age-appropriate skills, language and expectations.

For children 3-5 years:

In order to instill trust and confidence, Art Adventures encourages decision making, as well as trial and error, allowing children the freedom to explore at their own pace. Special attention is placed on designing the curriculum so that lessons serve as building blocks to the next and new process. Once they have built an “art vocabulary” from a previous year, they continue using it to make masterpieces the next! Because each group’s social development is also important, children are encouraged to practice inter-personal skills hand-in-hand with learning an art vocabulary. Sketchbooks are kept in class to reinforce topics and to record development throughout the year.

For children 6-11 years:

Art Adventures Studio! engages our older students with new projects, introduces a wider vocabulary of art, more advanced techniques such as color theory, brushwork, drawing skills, animation, photography, more advanced materials (metal, wood, wire, fabric, sculpting tools, pinhole cameras, papermaking…) and explores a step by step understanding of larger scale projects appropriate to age, levels and interests. No experience necessary.

For grown-ups:

We know it can be intimidating to approach a blank canvas or paper. So loosen up with a glass of wine while learning the principals of drawing and creating art!


Interested in Museum Adventures ?

Art Adventures

(1 hour) Age group: All

Children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of mediums and techniques including: paint, clay, wood, sand, foam, paper-mache, wire, cloth, photography, animation and more. Myriad museums and galleries of NYC provide us with ample ideas from which to create, keeping our curriculum current with the art world of today. Parents are invited to join us on a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester. Older children will have a longer class time, visit museums more frequently, will be introduced to more advanced techniques and art vocabulary in Art Adventures Studio.

Class size is limited to 10 children. *Pickup or drop-off is available for All Souls School only.

Art and French

(1 hour) Age group: 3 –5’s

In addition to Art Adventures, this class includes exposure to French vocabulary and common phrases. Children will gain exposure to the French language, accent and utilize basic French pertaining to art, while not even aware they are doing so! Parents are invited to join us on a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester.

Class size is limited to 10 children. *Pickup or drop-off is available for All Souls School only.

Rendezvous: (Art, Lunch, French and Conversation!)

(1 hour and 30 minutes) Age group: 3 –5’s

This fun lunch group will engage in directed conversation practicing French vocabulary and phrases, allowing children to interact as a group, learn sharing and turn taking with an emphasis on social development and responsibility. Parents are invited to join us on a trip to a NYC museum or gallery each semester. Lunch is either before or after art depending on class time. Children bring a packed lunch.

Class size is limited to 10 children. *Pickup or drop-off is available for All Souls School only.

Art Adventures Studio

(1 hour and 30 minutes) Age group: 7–12 (7-8/ 9-12)

This studio class is a place for students to use the artistic process as a means to make choices to express who they are as individuals. They learn to overcome obstacles and to approach creative thinking in an ever-expanding way, promoting self-esteem and sense of courage when encountering new experiences. Outside of new materials, cultures and advanced mediums, students learn to appreciate their classmates’ varying styles and differences in approach, discovering that there is no one solution to an artistic problem, there are many. No experience necessary. Parents are invited to join us on trips to NYC museums and galleries each semester. Sketchbooks are kept in class to reinforce topics and to record development throughout the year.

Class size is limited to 10 children.

Young Actors PlayShop 

(Level 1)  3/1-5/17/14

(1 hour and 30 minutes) Age group: 6-12′s

Young Thespians unite! This super charged acting and movement class is powered with creative explorations through fairytales and children’s stories. With the use of fun improvisational games and techniques; budding Actors will come together and play; becoming familiar with the fundamentals of character development, story structure and boundless creativity. Imaginations run wild as students are encouraged to collectively re-imagine and re-create their chosen stories in preparation for a Young Actors PlayShop Sharing on the final day of class for an invited audience of family and friends. Come and join in on the fun!

Class size is limited to 12 children.

On-Camera Commercials Audition Technique (Level 2) 3/1- 5/17/14

(1 hour and 30 minutes) Age group: 7-16′s

TV commercial acting is a LOT of FUN! But commercial acting means winning at the commercial AUDITION. Never fear… this 9 week course teaches Student Actors expert techniques, tricks of the trade and audition do’s and don’ts that make commercial auditions turn into callbacks and bookings. Harvard trained Instructor and Commercial Actress, Dina Ann Comolli, will guide Actors through the basics of audition slates, introductions, marks, takes and happy mistakes. We will dig deeper and work with text and acting techniques; delivery styles, improvisational scenarios, group and solo auditions. Students will have the opportunity to review their work on-camera and make adjustments that will help them grow into vibrant young commercial actors.  This class is bookended with Parent/Child question and answer information sessions on the topics of Headshots, Agents, Managers, Casting Directors and Unions. Arm yourself with the tools to win the job!

Class size is limited to 12 children.

Saturday Monthly Art Adventures Studio (Adult/Child class)

(1 hour and 30 minutes) Age group: 5 and up + Parent

You and your child will be introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of mediums and techniques including: paint, clay, wood, sand, foam, paper-mâché, wire, cloth, photography, animation and more. Join your child, side by side, in the experience of learning about art through making hands-on projects using unique materials! This Saturday (montly) Art Adventures Studio will meet at All Souls Church to work on the museum and gallery-inspired projects.

Class size is limited to 12 participants. Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 Dates:  10/3, 11/2, 12/7, 1/11, 2/1, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3 (First Saturdays/ No Holidays)

View a list of our upcoming Parent-Child Workshops

Mini-Art Adventures (with adult or drop off)

(45 minutes) Age groups: 2’s–Early 3’s with Adult/ Early 3′s Drop Off

The Curriculum is responsive to the developmental needs of each age group, carefully tailored and ever changing to suit the children’s interests. Instead of pushing children through activities, they are given ample opportunity to be active collaborators in the design of their class. Using a wide range of interesting art materials such as clay, wire, eyedroppers, diverse painting tools and techniques (to name a few) children explore, identify and reinforce language, colors, shapes, numbers while practicing motor skills and appropriate art language in a fun and nurturing environment. Each class begins with our unique group “sticky mural” decoration, with items changing each week. Through all of our activities, our goal is to promote confidence through choice-making as well as the freedom of self-expression while applauding and encouraging each stage of development.

Class size is limited to 12 participants

Art and Music Combination Classes

(1 hour and 15 minutes ) Age group: 3–4’s Music, art and storytelling are included in this comprehensive class. Enjoy a combination of our Art Adventures and Music Adventures programs for children 3 years and up. Includes group mural time, original art processes and music to boot!

Class size is limited to 10 children.

Grown-Up Classes!

Sip and Sketch

Age group: Grown-ups Come discover the secret to drawing and enjoy wine! Learn the principles of “seeing” in a relaxed and comfortable environment using a core line and shape vocabulary. Demystified and inspiring, drawing is not exclusive to those born to be “artists.” Everyone can draw if given the proper insight! Call to schedule your private or group evening class.

Art Adventures June Summer Camp 2014     

3 weeks of fun at All Souls Church, the outdoor courtyards and local museums! Sign up for one or more weeks: 5% discount for siblings or multiple week registration.
20% Early Registration Discount through Monday, March 10th!
June 9-13 June 16-20 June 23-27
Age groups: late 3-6′s/ 7-11′s
Monday – Friday
Mornings 9:30am – 12:30 pm (Children bring a packed, nut-free lunch.)
Afternoons 1-3 pm

Sprinkled with contemporary artists + inspirational projects, these 3 weeks are gonna fly!

Each summer there are new artists and museum exhibitions to explore… so join our Facebook Page to know what’s coming up for our 2013 summer programs! Here’s a peek at where we’ve been: Shostakovich’s Opera The NOSE, Christo, Tim Burton, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roni Horn, Tom Otterness, Jessica Stockholder, Exquisite Corpse games and more. Summer is for longer art-making, larger-scale projects and diverse classes each week! …Culminating in a wrap-up Friday museum tour to see the artists discussed throughout the week, right here in the Big Apple. What don’t we use? Diverse materials are our forte! Clay, wood, metal, fabric, found objects, paint, video, stop film animation and more! Everything to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity. Courtyards are used for sketching and outdoor art! (weather permitting) + they’ll enjoy daily easel painting, group murals, free-choice art stations, story telling + inspiring art processes to tantalize and engage every age and skill level! Even lunch is art! 9:30-12:30 session only: Children bring their own for a Picnic Style lunch (nut-free) to practice group etiquette + the sharing of individual ideas, art-related concepts, visuals and topics of the day. Class size is limited to 10 children - So don’t wait!

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