Summer Art Project Fun

Mandalas in Art

The term Mandala, meaning circle or completion in Sanskrit, carries great symbolism in many world religions and philosophies. In the Art world AND in our classroom, the Mandala can bring on a form of creative therapy.

nepal mandala

Our June Summer Camp Adventurers explored Mandalas and created their own version! Using elements found in “nature”, unity and balance were developed both in the art AND in the soul.

our version of a mandela mandela  mandelas and chalk mural TN-smiles and mandelas    creating mandelas

If interested in learning more about Mandalas and other forms of Asian Art, be sure to check out the Rubin Museum! And attend their annual block party this Sunday, July 17th, celebrating Nepalese culture as inspired by their recent exhibition: Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Rituals.

Happy Art making!

And that’s a Wrap June Camp 2016

Another great June Summer camp here at Art Adventures! Our Adventurers never ceases to amaze us with their art abilities and we had a blast! Thank you once again to all who made our 2016 Summer an artistically memorable one. Check out our art filled month of June HERE!

TN-Kandinsky concentric circles TN-smiles and mandelas TN-sunprint prep TN-venetian masks

And don’t forget to register for our FALL PROGRAMS, please visit our Class Times page. 

Have a very HAPPY and ART filled SUMMER!! See you in the Fall!

Art Adventures Week 3 June Camp begins Next Week!

Our first week of Summer June Camp in 2016 was a hit! Our Art Adventurers were very busy- exploring the underwater world with diorama building; discovering the differences between opaque and transparent materials with Jim Dine collages; learning about glass art with Chihuly Macchia Bowls;  experimenting with colors in our marbleized clocks for Dads; sculpting as inspired by Eva Rothschild & Sol Le Witt; and painting pictures inspired by Miro & Mondrian! We ended our week on an adventure to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Phfeww, What an art filled week!

TN-silly faces with our calder stabiles TN-Jim Dine transparent and opaque shapes-1 TN-messy chalk hands

TN-mural time TN-painting mondrian-1  TN-under the sea diorama (6)

Parents! Art Adventures’ exciting and diverse Week 3 June Camp begins Next Week!  (June 27-July 1st.)  From 9:30am-12:30pm.  Registration CLOSES THIS THURSDAY, so don’t wait to contact us…. Register before Thursday to see what all the talk is about.

Check out and enjoy some of the artful moments we’re having with our students here

We look forward to sharing with your family what has often been called, “The Best Art Program in the City.”  Join us! We can’t wait to go on another Art Adventure!

Flying Our Tiffany Stained Glass-Inspired Kites @ Central Park!

Hurray for Art Adentures!

Our Kites soared on our final day at Art Adventures! Inspired by Tiffany Stained Glass, our Adventurers designed stained glass styled kites with fabric markers and textile fabric colors in class. And this past week we shared our kites with NYC and flew them in Central Park! Check out what fun we had in our album HERE!

All smiles for zoe

Great summer Claire kite Ad pic smiles and designing Red hands and kites

A HUGE thank you once again to our Art Adventurers and parents for a wonderful art-filled year! Keep creating and we’ll see you for Summer Camp June 13-July 1 and the Fall!

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Manus x Machina Exhibit Tour at the Met

We went HIGH fashion this week during our tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! With over 170 garments in the Manus x Machina exhibit, our Art Adventurers learned the difference between haute couture (hand made high fashion) and pret a porter (ready-wear machine made). We discovered many different fashion techniques such as pleating & embroidery; different materials like tulle & paillettes; and even about embellishments & applique! Watch out, Dior and Chanel! We may have some future fashion designers coming your way! Check Out our tour HERE! 

TN-learning about the elephant dress TN-post tour fun TN-post art collaborating outside the met  

Mosaics far and near

As inspired by mosaic artists throughout history and the world we became designers and created our own mosaic art! We used real ceramic and plastic tiles to “build” our abstract mosaic image on wood panels. Geometric and organic patterns were used here paying attention to the color, size, & shapes of the tiles. 

TNMosaic abstract art TNPatterns in a mosaic

Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s Sakura Matsuri this weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens! In celebration of this Spring time festival, our Art Adventurers made Cherry Blossom tree sculptures! Using real branches, tissue paper for blossoms and paper mache, we attached, shaped, folded and crimpled to build our blooming cherry blossom trees!

cherry blossom festival copy

cherry blossom smiles copy smiles and a cherry blossom tree copy

Check out more of our beautiful Cherry Blossom forest HERE!

Passover Foods in Mosaics!

In the spirit of Passover and the Seder meal, and recognizing the power of storytelling in art– Children designed their own versions of either a Seder plate/ Tile, or Elijah’s/ Miriam’s Cup. During the Seder, Elijah’s Cup is the 5th untouched cup of wine, Miriam’s Cup is for water from each guest’s cup to celebrate the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.  (It was said that Moses’ sister, Miriam, led the women in dance & song with tambourines when they safely reached the other side.)

We sculpted our tile or cup from clay with cylinders and the pinch pot method, then decorated and/ or told our favorite part of the story of Passover- using the art of mosaics!  Can you identify the foods of Passover in the clay tile below?

Mosaic clay tile telling a story Elijah chalice and plate

Clay Impressions with Art Adventures & Parent-Child Workshop!

We loved the Holiday Clay Impressions so much we had to have a part deux with an All Soul’s Parent-Child workshop and Art Adventures class! Our Workshop and Art Adventurers learned to texturize using various tools and texture patterns on clay slabs to then create bowls, plates and special vases!  We then glazed our creations with different color underglazings. Can’t wait to see the finished products after being fired in a kiln!

working together with clay copysmiles adding textures to our clay slabs copy   adding textures to our clay slabs copyGlazing with many colors

Check out more of our clay impression plates, bowls, and vases HERE!