Happy Passover w. Elijah’s or Miriam’s Cup


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While Elijah’s Cup is the 5th untouched cup of wine,  Miriam’s Cup is for water from each guest’s cup to celebrate the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.  It was said that Moses’ sister lead the women in dance and song with tambourines when they safely reached the other side.

Elijah's cupIn the spirit of Passover and the Seder meal, Children designed their own versions of Elijah’s or Miriam’s Cup exploring the art of Decoupage (A French word using the process of a glue mixture over papers and tissues.)  To cut, in French, is “Couper” explaining the cutting of the papers before applying them.

Then we decorated freely with jewels to make the special cups stand out at any Seder Meal!

Other versions may include Sculpey or glass paints.




Art & Acting, a Creative & Energetic Combination!

Spring Theatrics and Mask Making

Mackenzie Younger and Dina Comolli came together to provide a combo class for 7′s leading students through a creative mixed media mask making exercise. Using fabric, paper, paint, and “goodies”, children created symbolic costumes of this beloved season. Dina Cornoli then used the costumes in a drama and acting activity providing students with an enriching experience from material to theater!

To learn more about these wonderful teaching artists:

www.risingcityarts.com  http://mackenzieyounger.com

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Anatomy in many parts…

Watch how teaching artist Mackenzie Younger has “brought to life” the body with his layers of unique materials and tools.  Each surface required a specific tool, which became layers of the various systems of the body.  Bravo!

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Having fun is the most important thing!

I paid a visit to Jack’s house one day to make a Jeff Koons balloon sculpture with him.  Did he follow all of the steps?  Did he successfully take on plasterwrap?  Well, actually he did… but does that really trump the joy of making art?  I think not…

Jack, Claire and Koons

Gutai/ Abstract Expressionism Lesson

Inspired by artist Dona Nelson @ the Thomas Erben Gallery and @ the Whitney Biennial 2014, as well as the Gutai movement we studied last year @ the Guggenheim Museum…

Dona Nelson

This contemporary artists inspires: exploration of negative space, use of various painting tools and body, building composition and contrasting materials and lines!

And sewing on canvas?!  They’ll love it!

Looking forward to Tomorrow’s Lynda Benglis project. + not too many hairdryers at once!


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Ellsworth Kelly shares with kids color mixing techniques- without one primary color. How? Join a Museum Adventures tour and find out!


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Kidz Central Station’s Lauren Pohl joins us for a Modern Museum Adventure!


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Museum Adventures took Lauren Pohl, founder of Kidz Central Station, on a tour for 4-5′s to visit a list of artists tailored to young learners:  Rosenquist, Yves Tinguely, Roy Lichtenstein and Ellsworth Kelly.  In just one tour (at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), we learned about advertising, color and everyday objects (Rosenquist), discovered lines in everyday objects (Tinguely), made lines, dots and patterns (Lichtenstein) and made our very own color wheels and color-mixing window collages (Ellsworth Kelly)!  There wasn’t much time to explore the stop-motion animation of William Kentridge’s installation, Refusal of Time, nor Al Held’s colored shapes… but then again, a good tour knows when to stop, leaving more for next time!  Check it out:

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Met Modern Tour with Museum Adventures!

Children of various ages enjoyed making works from Chamberlain’s crushed car sculptures, Oldenburg’s “Soft Sculptures” and Ellsworth Kelly’s color fields!  A walk through William Kentridge’s “Refusal of Time” ended our tour teaching us about stop-motion animation.  (A great app to download to your Iphone or Ipad, to make your own stop-motion animations is called Vine.)

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