Name the lines, shapes, and dots!

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At Claire’s Creative Adventures, we love exploring the basics of drawing and painting: lines and shapes.  Breaking the 3-D things that we see every day into simple 2-D lines and shapes is both educational and fun (+ often surprisingly difficult.)  That’s one of the many reasons that we loved the Ellsworth Kelly Plant Drawings exhibition at the Met!  These simple line drawings are strikingly beautiful and should be experienced in person.  Kelly has been making plant drawings throughout his entire career, and the eighty drawings in the exhibition span sixty years.  Take a look around with the kids, and try to identify the lines using the chart above!

The exhibition closes September 3, so this weekend is a great opportunity to check it out (and don’t forget to go up to the roof to see Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City installation too!)  

Bruce Nauman “One Hundred Fish Fountain” at Gagosian Gallery



We are very excited about Bruce Nauman’s One Hundred Fish Fountain (2005) at Gagosian Gallery at 980 Madison Ave, up through August 31st, 2012.

In the stunning installation, Nauman cast one hundred bronze fish from nature and suspended them from wires of various lengths over a 25 ft x 28 ft basin of water.  Water is also pumped through tubing into the fish which spurt it out when filled, creating a fountain.  The piece runs on a fifteen minute cycle with a two minute break between cycles.  Nauman and the late Donald Young, his friend and dealer, caught all of the fish involved in casting in the Great Lakes. 

We think it’s an interesting artistic exploration for all ages and definitely worth a trip. 

What does it inspire you to create?

For photos and an incredible video of the installation, visit the Gagosian Gallery website.

Trevor Paglen: Does anyone think we should have voted on these lasting images? Tell us your thoughts on this artist’s work being sent into orbit…


This fall, Creative Time will launch The Last Pictures, an archival disc created by artist Trevor Paglen, into outer space, where it will orbit the earth for billions of years affixed to the exterior of the communications satellite EchoStar XVI.